Youth Workers Seminar-EMPOWER ZONE AHEAD- Durres, Albania



17 – 24 May, 2017

Durres, Albania

Project title: EMPOWER ZONE AHEAD is a mobility project in the framework of Erasmus plus program addressed to youth workers & leaders from Western Balkan, EU countries & Turkey that will work together in an intercultural environment focusing on the theme of empowering the work of their NGO in the field of youth employability, through non-formal learning methodology. The main aim of the project is to strengthen the capacities of youth workers with knowledge, skills and practical tools for development of young people with fewer opportunities’ competencies to boost employability in their communities. This project will make together 38 youth workers from 12 organisations coming from 10 countries: Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, Italy, Montenegro, Poland & Estonia


During the project we will implement activities and exercises that strengthen some of the employments competencies by using non formal and active working methods like: team building, brainstorming, role play, debate, panel of experts, on site visits, round table, facilitation, world cafe, ice breaking etc. All the participants will be actively involved during the activity.

They will visit local NGOs, the Mediterranean University of Albania, meeting with Local government officers, informal meeting with local young people, etc. Also in this project we make a big accent to intercultural learning and cultural awareness. The potential long-term benefits of this project are: citizenship & active participation, understanding between people, ability to work in teams & self-reflection, the sense of initiative, adaptability & self-confidence, strengthen of their social skills & background and will be more confident to face the challenges of youth unemployment.

PARTICIPANTS IMPACT: -will acquire new tools and competences -understand European opportunities for their professional development -develop their spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship (KC7), improving self-esteem, communication skills, capacity to undertake new initiatives to support youth with fewer opportunities;

-create new contacts that can create new opportunities. Participants The participants of this seminar are young leaders, youth workers and NGO representatives from Albania, Montenegro, Estonia, Italy, Poland, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Poland, Bosnia and Turkey,

Age limit: 18+.

All participants must able to communicate in English

Apply at :


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