Growing up with friends – Youth Exchange in Barcelona and Badalona

Growing up with friends” is Youth exchange project

KA1 – Mobility of youth -“Erasmus Plus” Programme

Venue: Barcelona & Badalona – Spain

Dates: 31 March – 7 April 2017

Participants: 8 youngsters + 2 leaders per country

Age range of participants: 14-17 years

Countries involved: Macedonia, Italy and Spain

The youth association “La Rotllana” from Badalona, together with the organization SPPMD from Kavadarci, Macedonia and the High School “Istituto Ligher” from Ercolano, Italy will implement the Youth Exchange ” Growing up with friends “.

The project activities will be organized in cooperation with high schools of Badalona, to offer the opportunity to learn, grow up and share realities with peers from other countries, in the frame of the campaign “We are different, but we are equal”.

The topics chosen are aimed to foster the intercultural learning and cultural diversity as an opportunity.

The project objectives are:

– To reflect about cultural diversity and realize intercultural learning

– To promote respect, tolerance and break stereotypes

–  To promote active participation of youngsters in the social life and local community

– To orient participants to discover their personal attitudes and how to go on with studies

– to inform young people about the opportunities around and throughout Europe.


All participants will stay in a youth hostel in Barcelona in 10-bedrooms (bathrooms will be shared among the participants).

Bed linen and covers will be available. The hostel is equipped with internet connection in the common room and facilities for meeting.

The activities will be realized in the hostel seminar room, in the premises of the youth center of La Rotllana, in two high-schools in Badalona, as well as on the streets of Badalona and Barcelona, among the local people.

Meals will be provided in the hostel restaurant and local restaurants in the cities (Badalona and Barcelona).

Here you can find the website of the “In&Out Hostel”,


 The official language of the Youth Exchange is English.


 Typical things (music, dances, dresses, food, drinks) for the intercultural night.

  • Presentation / promo material of your organization.
  • All you need for hygiene (there soap, shower gel and towel are not for free ).
  • Personal insurance
  • Sport clothes to take part in some activities.

and of course – Your enthusiasm and good energy!

Please, contact your organization for more details!



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