EVS in Amarante, Portugal


PROJECT DATES: 2nd February 2017 till 1st February 2018 (1 year) – including travel days


Sending Organizations:

Mladinsky Center Trbovlje (Slovenia) – 1 volunteer

ATA (Romania) – 1 volunteer

You in Europe (Greece) – 1 volunteer

Villa Elba (Finland) – 1 volunteer

SPPMD (Macedonia) – 1 volunteer

Eufemia (Itália) – 1 volunteer

Coordinating Organization: Aventura Marão Clube (Portugal)

Hosting Organizations: Aventura Marão Clube (Portugal), União de Freguesias de Amarante (Portugal), Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Amarante (Portugal), Cooperativa Cercimarante (Portugal), Associação A Terra dos Homens (Portugal)

MAXIMUM TRAVEL COSTS: SPPMD (Macedonia) – 360,00€/volunteer


AMC has a long experience with EVS (we’ve hosted more than 80 volunteers in the last years) and our policy for food and accommodation is the following:

– Accommodation will be in an apartment or house (both in Amarante’s city center and nearby our youth centre) where usually we host our EVS volunteers. These places are well equipped with rooms, bathrooms and kitchen (laundry is for free in the youth centre). In some cases volunteers might have to share rooms – double rooms. Volunteers are allowed to have guests for free (accommodation) in a good sense basis and after agreement from Coordinating Organization;

– Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be given from Monday to Saturday (6 days per week) by our organization at the youth centre (Casa da Juventude de Amarante: http://www.facebook.com/cjamarante) where usually we serve meals to our EVS volunteers (we run a restaurant there). Food is vegetarian (including also eggs, milk, seitan, tofu, mushrooms, etc.). Besides that we will give 35€/month to each volunteer to organize own meals on Sundays (we pay according to invoices given by the volunteers). If around, volunteer’s guests should pay their own meals from Monday to Saturday.


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