Promotional video Follow up of the YE TOUCH, Amarante, Portugal 2016

The council for Prevention for Juvenile Delinquency, SPPMD, from Kavadarci, as part of the Youth Exchange Project, TOUCH, on the road with Erasmus+ Circus Tour, Organised by Equação, Crl, from Amarante, Portugal with the aim to promote creativity and culture, inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities, volunteering and youth participation mainly through outdoor events and performances (circus).

The participants were involved in an interactive tour around the North of Portugal’s countryside, raising awareness about EU values and opportunities and organised an EuroCaucasian Food Dinner.

The “TOUCH: On the road with Erasmus+ Circus Tour!” project gathered in Portugal (Amarante) 25 participants from Armenia, Georgia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Portugal, in July 2016.

The video made during the project is going to be a starting point of our follow up of the project and dissemination of the results. We expect to have an impact in our society as they had promoting it in Portugal, and after all to have the same result and same benefit


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