Training course-“Behold, this is the time when the night ends and the day begins; pills of resilience”-Orvieto, Italy

ACTIVITY 1Mobility of youth workers
Training Course
22 nd – 29th Novenber 2016
Orvieto (TR) Italy

DATES: 22-2nd of November is the arrival day – 29th of November is departure day
PLACE: House laboratory Cerquosino, località San Faustino 22 Morrano 05018, Orvieto (TR),
Italy, 130 km away from Rome.
COORDINATING ASSOCIATION: Artemide Association – Italy

• Italy – Arci Perugia
• Turkey – Izmit Belediyesi
• Greece – Environmental Group of Kessariani
• Macedonia – Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency (SPPMD)
• Hungary – Utilapu Nemzetkozi Epitotabor Halozat
• Spain – Asociación para la Mediación Social EQUA

AGE : 18 +

TARGET GROUP: peer educators, youth-social workers and active citizens with past experiences on social
inclusion and intercultural dialogue, interested in innovative non formal eductional methodologies and field
experience on the theme of ‘social exclusion, due to migration processes and the challenges they may
determine in social relationships of young Europeans and migrants

• Bring a medium rucksack or suitcase as a luggage: in the bedrooms there is not a lot of space and
considering that you are going to share the room with other participants it’s better to save as much
space as possible.
• Sleeping bag or single bed sheets and pillow case.
• Little torch
Clothes and shoes:
• Trainers
• Comfortable white trousers, t-shirt and socks (complete white if it’s possible) for theatre activities
• Towels;
• Toothpaste, soap and shampoo
• Air dryer
• Personal medicine;
• Traditional food, songs, dance or whatever you like to share with us during the Intercultural
Evenings in order to present your community and country.
• Traditional poems, lullaby or songs (that can be sang).
• Case studies on conflicts you lived in your daily life and in your work related to the topic of the project (immigration – emigration)
• You may bring your laptop but it is not necessary. There is not internet connection in the
• Please if you have bring a photo or video camera
Important: at the House laboratory Cerquosino there is NOT internet line and washing machine.

FINANCIAL CONDITIONS: 100% food and lodgement covered by the project; travel expenses
anticipated by the participants will be refunded at the end of the project upon receipt of the travel documents
in original and as soon as the Italian N.A. has paid the 1st instalment.
TRAVEL COST FOR EVERY COUNTRY: the budget for the travel of each participant is 275 euro, all
the expenses exceeding that sum are not refunded, apart of the italian participants that has no refunding.
Please note the price includes the return tickets (flight + 2nd class train + bus). In principles taxis cannot be
refunded, exceptions can be admitted but an authorization should be required.

The arrival day is scheduled for the 22 nd of November 2016 and departur day is the 29 th of November 2016.
The theme of the project is social inclusion, the analysis of migration pathways and fight against discrimination. We are going to analyze the concept of social resilience: the concept of resilience, which is more and more used to describe the innovation of intervention models for territorial development, concerns third sectors organizations as well, in particular those that are engaged with local communities to solve
problems and emerging needs. The term resilience, in fact, is strictly connected to the changes in the approach, which are considered fundamental to ensure a perspective of sustainability against the environmental, economic and social transformation that has rapidly stricken (and is still striking) the living context of local communities.
The objective of the training course is to provide social workers, educators and active citizens, who work with children, adolescents and adults victims of war and /or situations of extreme social exclusion such as those caused by migration processes, new tools for approaching who have experienced these traumas. Then work with the youth worker to train them to deal with those who have experienced these traumas.

The training therefore aims to:
• Explore the cultural differences and explore how different countries have addressed issues of immigration
and emigration.
• Examine the issues from different perspectives with regard to immigration and the concept of
interculturalism and integration:
• Analyse how gender, male and female, can affect group dynamics and leadership and, therefore, how can it
can contribute to exclusion, with particular attention to the double discrimination of immigrant women.
• Regarding the gender issue and the transformable power of relationships, evaluate together how the
hybridize of identities static and dynamic, affect the social dynamics, focusing on the double discrimination
of immigrant women, as foreigners and as women.
• The dynamics of power, as people exercise power over others: how it is used consciously and
unconsciously in the group and everyday life;
• Analyse the conflicts associated with the loss of the roots and the land finding and experiencing new
creative ways to manage them in a non-violent way.
• Share and develop new tools in order to simplify active participation of both local and foreign-origin youngsters (or from cultural minority); these tools can be used later to promote activities in different local contexts and respect for culture and diversity, social cohesion and to develop concrete projects predicted by youngsters.
• Develop different communication styles, aiming to facilitate discussions and decisional procedures
• Develop personal knowledge’s about discrimination, xenophobia, racism: this work will help a better understanding of dynamics that are behind discriminant behaviours (how to identify violence escalations, the causes, the role of people involved, …)

The training will take an innovative approach with the combination of non-formal education, theater, workshops on the recognition of personal resources, storytelling/creative writing. This will also be made possible thanks to the involvement of young migrants living in the town of Perugia and neighboring countries.Particular attention will be paid to the issues of racism, to the processes of creation of prejudices
and stereotypes and possible activities that contribute to their deconstruction level both individually and collectively. We will go and explore the differences and similarities between countries and through the direct testimony of migrants of first and second generation, will deepen the theme of métissage, hybridity, of being
“in-between” between different social and cultural contexts and the possibilities of resilience and social inclusion.

METHODOLOGIES: we will propose an interactive methodology using the tools promoted by the non formal education. The workshop will be based on the active methodologies proposed by theatre and story telliung/collective writing: we believe that it is a powerful tool to promote intercultural dialogue, to exchange experiences and good practices, to analyse conflicts and to deal with them in a non violent way. In fact the
contact with the space, with the natural elements and with the others, can be join through theatre, are ways to address the human feelings and to reflect on several topics and is particularly indicated to develop the above mentioned topics.

There are team building activities, role playing, simulations, debates and theater workshops because they are interactive tools that stimulate the active involvement of participants. In the course of the project the exchange of knowledge and technical tools will be constantly monitored through specific sessions on rating systems before and after
• meeting between the participants and the trainers: mutual discovery
• workshops, discussions and presentation of case studies on immigration and emigration;
• processing of non-violent methods of conflict management and sharing of work methods
usually used in their local context;
• workshops of general introduction to theatrical techniques;
• workshops on storytelling/collective writing
• the realization of a show open and without a fixed end

Apply on:

Deadline for applying 8 October 2016!


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