D-e-zign it!! – TC in Mihajlovo, Macedonia

D-e-zign it!!

        D-e-zign it!” will be organized by the IYNF Secretariat and will be supported by the local group of volunteers from our Macedonian member organization SPPMD.
This activity marks the closing of the IYNF’s Year of E-Participation and aims to recall and channel the outcomes of the past events – “How e-mazing is your organization?” and “Act, React and E-act” – in order to inspire participants to develop projects related to e-participation and apply their newly-gained digital competences in their organizations.

What can you expect this time?

In the first project we made an introduction to e-participation in youth work, we explored resources & shared good practices on social media and learned the concept of e-volunteering. Whereas the second activity helped us to understand the process of e-activism and which tools and competences are needed to achieve a powerful online communication.

In “D-e-zign it!” participants of the previous events will share with newcomers their impressions and insights on e-volunteering, social media, e-participation and e-activism. While everyone will benefit from sessions about collaborative work, project planning and project management. Furthermore, the programme will be mainly based on facilitated dynamic space and similar non-formal education methods, and will be participant-driven to a high extend.

After this activity you will be able to:

  • apply the newly-discovered opportunities of e-participation and digital competences in the context of youth work;
  • help your organization to explore innovative ways to keep your members involved through e-volunteering initiatives;
  • develop competences in efficient and safe e-activism;
  • become part of the core group of IYNF e-experts;
  • develop new project ideas with e-participation components, especially aimed at social inclusion (minorities, refugees, people with disabilities, LGBT, elderly, etc.)

Practical info:

  • This activity is open to: Representatives of IYNF Member and Partner organizations, volunteers, representatives of other youth organizations that share the values of IYNF and are willing to be engaged within the IYNF network. Participants from the previous activities will have priority in the selection process.Date and Place: 18-23 October 2016, Holiday Camp Mihajlovo in Macedonia, near Kavadarci.
  • Costs: No participation fee. Food and accommodation fully covered. At least 70% of travel costs will be reimbursed. (IYNF expects you to choose the most sustainable way of transportation, only 2nd class/economy class tickets can be reimbursed. For flights and travelling by car prior approval of the Secretariat will be needed)
  • Participation rules: Participants are expected to be present at least 80% of the working time. If you are not able to fulfill this condition, please discuss it with the Secretariat prior to your application. Violation of this rule might result in IYNF not being able to reimburse your travel costs.

    Application deadline 29.08.2016!

Apply on: vavilon@sppmd.org.mk


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