Youth Exchange TOUCH- Amarante, Portugal

The Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency, SPPMD by our 5 participants was part of the  the Youth Exchange TOUCH, organized by Equação, Crl  that  gathered 25 participants from Macedonia, Georgia, Armenia, Slovenia and Portugal and was be held in Amarante, Portugal (22-31 July 2016). Divided in 3 groups , media, food, and circus, the participants, started their inclusion in the preparation of the circus tour, through Nord of Portugal, starting with the beautiful and small town Amarante in the North of  Portugal, where they were situated in the Youth Center “Casa de Juventude de Amarante”. The long days spent in “Casa the Juventude”, the first experience with the circus arts, balancing, juggling, act and decoration to ensure the perfect setting for the performance, that with every day began to get more and more color and shape.13879250_1123045591114145_6636374736882515452_n

On the fifth day, after visiting the Atlantic Ocean and the amazing Porto, the youth exchange group had their performance in the city of Guimarães, also city in the North of Portugal to test what they have learned in 2 days of workshops.


After the intense days in Casa de Juventude for the participants, and the long workshops, they were able to relax in the sunset party of the festival “Ha’ Fest” and share what they learned from the 50 evs volunteers who were in Amarante during these days. To all these new faces, joined two very special, young refugees from Eritrea, which told us in one presentation workshop how it was to reach Amarante and to start a new life.


After the long walk between Vila Meã and S.Gonçalo, with the 70 EVS volunteers , after the long walk on the hot weather, the participants of the Youth exchange had the eurocaucasian day, preparing the traditional food from their countries, Georgia, Armenia, Macedonia, Portugal and Slovenia.


The final day they had the performance on the street of Amarante, interacting with the Ha’ Fest,  and promoting creativity and culture, volunteering and youth participation. The purpose of the interactive tour around the North of Portugal, was to raise awareness about EU values and opportunities.



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