SPPMD as part of “Brave Kids” Poland


Brave Kids  aims to nurture cross-cultural understanding among the next generation by connecting young people from different countries and backgrounds through shared creative projects. By providing a platform for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and the teachers, mentors and activists who champion their rights, Brave Kids also hopes to stimulate debate and positive change to help address the inequalities facing children around the world.

The pilot edition of Brave kids took place in Wroclaw in 2009. Kids from Uganda and Nepal were invited to participate in a two week long artistic workshops, which culminated in a final performance prepared together with children from Wroclaw’s day shelters.


In the period from 18/06/2016 to 13/07/2016 held Brave kids festival where participated 6 youngsters  from Kavadarci, 14 -15 years The first two weeks the children were accommodated in host families where they spent only part of their time. From 9:00 to 17:00 they had workshops and learned traditional dances and songs from other cultures. But the workshops were held by instructors who were responsible for creating the appearance of children and combining their folk dances and songs.

The workshops are at the heart of the whole project, which is the target to create a common ground for work and play, share skills, build in children attitudes of tolerance and openness for other cultures. In the process of the workshop, children learn from each other according to the principle of “KIds teach Kids”.

In this way, students become teachers -they need to sort out and group their skills, spread them on the items that will be available for transmission to others. Children leading their classes together, participate in them with greater commitment. Educators, so-called Artistic Leaders assist children to help them to find the best way to transfer their skills.


The children were asked to prepare a 10 minutes presentation, who were mostly in the form of dance and songs. The first two weeks they were in the city Walbrzych and they had workshops with children from 5 countries: Brazil, Romania, Nepal, Poland and Indonesia. All of them had the task to make presentation together. The third week they were in the city Oborniki where they had workshops with 122 children from 19 different countries. The Final show was held in Wroclaw with dances and songs from all cultures.


Giving equal opportunities. Brave Kids is more than just a seasonal event. We would like to establish a long-lasting cooperation with youth groups all over the world and institutions dealing with youth threatened with social exclusion – in order to continue and develop similar projects in the future. We want to enable sharing experiences in working with children, securing funding and establishing international partnerships.




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