Training course “Creativity Creates Change”

This training course was “Creativity Creates Change”. It took place in Corfu, Greece and was organized from the Club for Youth Empowerment 018 for the first time in Greece, from 12th June 2016 until 19th June.This training was for young people and there were people from 8 countries, Serbia,Macedonia,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Belgium, Ireland, Greece and Albania.



We had a great time filled with learning, working and of course creating. Through creative methods {Graphics, Hip-Hop music, Photography } we tried to make a change, also we improved our skills and motivation for work and communication with people form different countries, cultures and religions.

Our main focus was on hate speech, and combat against it.We talked about this problem and encourage young people to know how to fight against this global problem. From my side I had a great time filled with great people. I met people who turned out to be one of my greatest colleagues and friends also.We did excellent products.All in all this was good example for great teamwork, atmosphere filled with joy, friendship and harmony.



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