THE LONG-TERM PROJECT “Practical Guide Through YOUth Work”


“Practical Guide Through YOUth Work”

The first out of 4 capacity building training courses for youth workers/leaders within the project “Practical Guide Through YOUth Work” successfully accomplished!

The Leader Training Seminar “YOUth Can!” was organized in Vlasenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina from 10th to 18th of May had for its aim to provide learning opportunity and skills development for youth workers, leaders of international and local youth volunteering activities, projects and programs with special focus on inclusion of young people with fewer possibilities.The training gathered young people from: Albania,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece, Turkey, Montenegro and Croatia.


Main aim of this project was to develop the set of skills and increase knowledge of youth worker and youth leaders in specific important topics for young people, equip them with competences and relevant experience for active work with young people through non-formal education and training and empower them to take the leading role and bring their organization capacities to the high quality level.

The direct users of the project outputs will be youth workers, the new generation of people working with youngsters within different programs in their organizations. The youth workers who are new in the field and willing to develop their skills, raise their capacity and gain necessary competences for work with young people on local, national and international level. The empowered, competent youth worker contribute to better quality and sustainability of youth programs, which attracts and involves more young people, gives them quality support for volunteering, mobility, employability, education and training, active participation, inclusion and other important fields for their personal and professional development.


The direct users of the project outputs will be youth workers, youth organizations and young people. Not only from the partner organizations, but on much wider scale, considering that two editions of handbooks and youth online platform can be easily distributed to big number of interested, relevant parties. The youth workers will be reached through in house trainings, workshops and DEOR event, the young people will be reached through youth workers and we will reach wider users of our outputs through different national, European and global Networks, partners, interest groups. Through Mobility activities and in-house workshops we will be able directly to reach the big number of youth workers and their organizations.


During the life of this long term project, the participants will be actively involved through preparation, implementation, in-house workshops and evaluation phases. For participating youth workers this project will be of great importance for their personal and professional development, it will raise their capabilities, motivation, enhance their vision, ideas, sense for innovation and management. With providing new generations of youth workers with specific competences and knowledge, space for gaining experience, support resource platform and practical handbooks in field of youth work, this project will create long term impact on youth organizations, their partners, international/European programs and organizations, young people, local communities and society on national and international level.



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