The training course “Animate the change” in Nis, Serbia

The training course “Animate the change” took place in Nis, Serbia, organized from the  Club for Youth Empowerment 018 (KOM 018) from 8 of May 2016 until 15 of May 2016. The training gathered young people from Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Italy, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia and Greece.
Those seven days were filled with learning, creating, sharing and working. The training provided us with the competences and skills to promote intercultural dialogue and tolerance among young people of different ethnic background, with special focus on inclusion of youth coming from socially excluded groups and encourage them to become more involved in the these issues on the local level.
We also learned how to use specific interactive methods to promote intercultural dialogue and tolerance: stop animation and music. We worked on “Making a change” through Stop-Animation and Hip-Hop.
As days were passing by, we made a lot of progress in learning about different cultures and intercultural dialog. I met great people who turned out to be great colleagues and friends. The training course can be a good example for great teamwork because of the final
products. The last day I was sad because we had to leave the great atmosphere filled with joy, harmony, friendship and blissfulness.
(Project is supported by European Youth Foundation, Council of Europe. )

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