4.– 12. JULY 2016

Črnomelj, Slovenia



The main focus of exchange is to initiate awareness among young people, that through their activities and ideas can change environment in which they live and show to society the possibilities offered by history.

At same time through this project young people are strengthening their competences and increasing their employment prospects. We want that this project changes the view of history which is only in responsibility of museums. We wish to note that history is unused potential for the development of commercial projects that can enrich the tourist offer and also bring some new jobs.

On project we will also discuss the refugee crisis and talk with former refugees from Črnomelj who have been successfully integrated into society.

The most visible results will be the story of Črnomelj, souvenir postcard and a video about the project. We will create a Facebook page and Twitter account which will later also serve to promote good practices which we will get from the project. The project manager will also have the opportunity together with our partners to create a credible medium that will also constitute as important reference when applying for a job.


PARTICIPANTS (5 plus 1 group leader)

The age of participants is between 18 and 25.

You should send us the names of chosen participants till 20th of May 2016.


  • On 5th of July there will be a local poetry evening organised by Youth center Bit. Each group should bring one most famous national song and read it there. Doesn’t need to be translated into English.
  • One night a party in masks is planned-dress like your favourite historical character. So bring appropriate clothes with you.
  • Each group should prepare at least one energizer.
  • One day a free afternoon is planned at Kolpa river, bring bathing suits.
  • For hiking through mine route, bring sports shoes.

Participants should prepare a survey regarding current state of how museum, galleries and similar institutions involve young people in their work and how the exhibitions are prepared-on classical way or are the exhibitions technically upgraded so the youngsters are more prepared to go and learn something new. The survey should also show if and in what way young people are employed in such institutions (student work, summer work, regular work) and how many people are actually regularly employed in this kind of institutions. Does your country put a lot of effort and money in culture, tourism, promotion or not? Give us your opinion regarding state cultural status.


Participants will be accommodated in the hostel (3 participants in one room) with shared bathroom.

We will provide three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner). On days spent outside Črnomelj, participants will get lunch to go.

If any of the participants have any special requirements regarding food, please inform us in advance.

Accommodation and food will be 100% covered by the project.


Participants may come to the project by public transport (bus, train), van.

APPLY on: vavilon@sppmd.org.mk

DEADLINE: 19 of May 2016!!!


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