“How e-mazing is your organization?” training course in the north part of Belgium

Two representatives of SPPMD, Council for Prevention of  Juvenile Delinquency, took part in one of e-mazing projects of our partners IYNF (International Young Nature Friends),  on topic “How e-mazing is your organization?” The training course took place in small town Essen, situated in the north part of Belgium, from  2-7th of May.

The training course was in duration of 6 days , with 30 people coming from 30 different countries all over Europe


The project was about getting to know more about e-participation and e-volunteering and analyzing our own situation as organization and actions in this field.

It was focused on improving the work of the organization which is related to online involvement and developing our digital competences through non formal education methods. During the project we had the chance to learn while having fun. Through different energizers, brainstorming, games, work in teams, and sharing experiences with all the participants  from so different countries we gained knowledge about certain topics.




Beside the activities we had an international evening where we could represent our organizations, countries, and present traditional food and drinks. At the end of the training course, we had a big adventure. Riding a bikes as a group in the nature around Essen, get to know the town and its own special places.Through  lot of fun, lot of games, hard work, hard tasks and many new friends from many different countries we were happy to take part in this training course and share our e-mazing experience we gained.


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