Youth Exchange in Denmark

Youth-exchange in Denmark


Five representatives  of SPPMD,  Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency, participated in youth exchange with topic  ,, Getting knowledge of entrepreneurship and management for easier employment” that took place in Rodekro, Denmark, south part of Denmark from 11-19.04.2016.


The youth exchange lasted 8 days and the participating countries in this project were Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Latvia.

During the project we have learned: how to make our CV look great for the job we apply, how to be an entrepreneur, how to approach the labor market, we have got more knowledge about Erasmus+ as a tool for employment.


One of the nights was international, so every countries have opportunities  to show their tradition, religion, food and music. Our Macedonian desk was full with the most traditional food of Macedonia. Also we were talking for the most famous people that we’re proud of them.

For each topic we have worked in groups and we have ourselves researched the issue. Then we presented our work.

It was great experience, we met new people, new cultures and got some knowledge!


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