Our new EVS volunteer from Germany, Adrian Eindrücke



My first week in Kavadarci began with a travel by bus from Skopje to Kavadarci. During the ride I tried to learn some Macedonian vocabulary, when a man behind me asked me where I came from. He was really intrested and we had a small conversation. Arrived in Kavadarci, I went to my apartment which I really like. I met some new people (for example voluteers, barkeepers) who were really nice to me and who offered me help whenever I need.

I’m also amazed by the amount of people in Macedonia learning German.

Kavadarci is not big, but also not too small in my opinion. It’s possible to go everywhere by foot, there is a lot of nice cafes, bakerys and shops. It is strange for me to see everywhere trash, and also to not seperate the waste. The stray dogs are new for me but I like them somehow, they are cute.

I don’t understandt much of the language but I like to hear it, although I often think pepole are arguing.

However, I’m learning Macedonian and I think it’s not too easy but it’s possible to learn.

Sometimes I get confused when I have to switch between English and German and Macedonian.

I’m very happy to be here. For me, EVS is a good possibility to connect with people from other cultures and diffferent places. I always wanted to go in another country and when I decided to do an EVS it was clear to do it abroad. I chose Macedonia because I know some people here and when I was on vacation I met a lot of nice people. Second reason is that media tells about Macedonia mostly in a bad context and I wanted to have a look by my own eyes.


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