EVS opportunity in “System and Generation”, Turkey

Short Term EVS in Ankara, Turkey!

One volunteer for the 3rd round, from 1 of May 2016 for 2 moths!

The main goals of a project are mach two generations, elders and young people, to organize a better communication between that two generations by involving them into different activities.

This project is planed as a journey of non-formal education activities as a „meeting of generations“ .

Our ourganization will be a host of this project and volunteers who want to be a part of it.

We will host a group of 28 volunteers on two months, 7 volunteers in each group, wich is formed as a one volunteer from each contry – Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and FR Macedonia.

The project is starting on November 2015.

The project will include a five basic modules which will be implemented during the project activities:

  • Consideration and Dialogue oriented Volunteering for Generation.
  • Technology and Information Retrieval Oriented Volunteering for Generation.
  • Experience Sharing oriented Volunteering for Generation.
  • Manufacturing oriented Volunteering for Generation.
  • Fitness-oriented Volunteering for Generation.
  • Social Responsibility Oriented Volunteering for Generation.


  • Task 1- Organizing/Assisting/Facilitating  physical activities for elderly (physical exercises, games(Möllky, Bocce),  cultural visits, walks in the Nature)
  • Task 2- Representing his/her culture during cultural events (indoor & outdoor activities)
  • Task 3- Participating in fund raising activities (selling handmade stuff in NesilKAFE or NesilKARAVAN)
  • Task 4- Organizing workshops (handicraft, cooking, activities with kids)
  • Task 5- Organizing service and leisure for elderly
  • Task 6- Taking photos, videos about the events, working on video production updating the website of S&G, and working on promotion materials
  •  Task 7- Organizing cultural events (dance evenings, song evenings, theatre, music).
  • Task8- Preparing YouTHelegraph and Video of Volunteering for Generation NesilFEST2015 activities.

Working time: volunteers will work 7 hours per day, 5 days per week. Sundays and Saturdays are free. Holidays: the volunteer will have two consecutive days off per week and will also have two days of holiday per month for the whole duration of the EVS project.

To apply send your CV and motivation letter at: vavilon@sppmd.org.mk




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