Call for Participants


Call for Participants
13th – 20th June 2016, Alps region Switzerland
• Do you want to learn more about international youth exchanges?
• Are you interested in how to bring them to success and use them for development of your
own group?
• Do you want to find potential partners for your project?
• Do you want to use the International Young Nature Friends (IYNF) network as support for
your youth exchanges?
Then join the GetStarted – training course on practical organization of youth
exchanges and international project management!
Get Started is a training course that supports youth leaders and youth workers to
organize run (international) activities on their own.
The course concept is providing two interconnected courses, where the first one (this
one) is focusing on design and preparation of an international youth camp or youth
The second course would target the implementation of the course and its program
Dates and place
13th – 20th June 2016, Alps region Switzerland
Get Started will be organized in the beautiful Alps in Switzerland. The venue is a house of
the Swiss Naturefriends network.
The venue will be rather basic and you participants will be asked to take active part in
Service&Care (support the kitchen team / cleaning) as it will be in your future youth
exchange you will design.
Target group
Youth workers and youth leaders, social workers from:
Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Israel, Ireland,
Italy, Macedonia, Palestine, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.
We are looking for youth workers / youth leaders who are:
• Willing to develop the potential to organize their own activities in future but
missing some first kick and empowerment to do it
• Between 18 and 30 years old
• Able to understand and speak English
• interested in nature-based methodologies and running activities in nature, using
outdoor sport education, experiential education etc.
• Interested in the practical way of organizing international youth exchanges,
summer camps and similar activities
• Looking for new intercultural links between Europe and the Middle East and for
potential partners to really start projects after “Get Started”
Costs 70% of the travel costs (maximum 300 EUR) and 100% of visa costs will get reimbursed, minus 60 EUR participation fee.
Aim. The aim of Get Started is to enable participants to successfully prepare and run
Funded by: and objectives international youth exchanges and/or similar international youth projects.
We will address this through four main objectives:
• Capacity building in projects planning and grant writing, basic finance
• Further developed group leader’s skills and team-work competencies, working
on far distance
• Increase participants’ Intercultural awareness and enable them to address
intercultural learning and dealing with ambiguity in their projects
• Understand how to create good partnerships in project, how to maintain them
and how network of organizations with similar values can be important for first
Content and trainers
During Get Started, we will introduce you to organizations such as Naturefriends or
Naturkultur association. Everybody will get a chance to learn about the other
participants and their organizations as well as about the structure and history of the
whole movement of International Young Naturefriends (IYNF).
After this short introduction, we will concentrate on your way to the international youth
work – working with values and experiences, give space to touch the intercultural nature
of such projects and experience the great activities that we use in the field of outdoor
and amateur art education.
We will conclude the course though next steps planning, so that on your return home
you will be well-equipped with tools and networks to develop and implement your youth
camp / youth exchange within your own organization.
Lucie Schubert (Czech Republic)
Viv Sadd (Ireland)
Oliver Schneitter (Switzerland)
Topics of the training course
The topics of the GetStarted training will be:
• What is exactly a youth exchange? – why is it more than just a youth camp or
trip? and how do we look at youth exchanges?
• Presentations of other people and organizations that are present
• The life cycle of a youth exchange – from the first idea until the celebration of
the success
• Grant application writing: what is Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme and
what are the most important things you have to take care of if you want to write
a successful application?
• Intercultural cooperation: what are the most common challenges of working
together with people from other cultures, and what are the constructive way of
handling those challenges
• How to design a program agenda of an activity, how to create a good program
flow flow
• How to deal with a group: ‘General rules and useful advice about group dynamics
• Introduction about Naturefriends, Naturkultur and other partners and our
networking possibilities
• Sharing of best practices among the participants and exploring a local project in
the environment
• And many more interesting topics, according to the needs, questions and
experiences of the participants of the training.
Funded by:
What will you bring home?
• Competence and motivation for working in an international environment, having
the necessary knowledge and support for it
• Knowing opportunities of international youth work within the network present
• Many new contacts – to Naturefriends and also to other local groups and
organizations involved in this project
• Opportunity to get involved in future activities as project team members/leaders
or (and) activities organizer
• Practical handouts that will make the organization of the youth exchange(s) that
you would like to organize much easier.

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