First impressions from our EVS volunteer Türkay Yıldız


3551_529449530430362_1614126022_nFirst Impressions

When i first arrived in the city, i was exhausted from the 18 hour long journey and couldn’t do anything for a few days. But after a few days i was totally caught-up in this small city’s normal life and totally charmed by it’s sights. I loved seeing a different culture and loved the city.

Why Am I in Macedonia, Kavadarci?

Because it was the only EVS city i could go.

What Is EVS For Me?

For me EVS is the best way to go abroad and associate with different cultures and is a good way to help me with my personal evolution to become a better person.

What Have I Done Until Now?

When we’ve arrived at the bus station, Cvetanka and Djoko came to pick us and that was the place where we’ve met with them. After a few days i met with other volunteers (Marian, Dunavka and some other volunteers). When we arrived in home we met with Ersan. We met with Adrian a week later because he was in Mihajlovo for a training. Since there was a quest that they gave us called “Treasure Hunt” we explored the city a little bit better. Treasure Hunt didn’t last long because every where is 5 minutes from everywhere in this city. I went to see the 12 Children Monument and I’m still trying to explore the city. I’m here for 2 weeks and i’m very happy to be here. In the next 6 months i hope i will try to be interactive with local people and children.


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