First impressions from our EVS volunteer Burak Dede



First Impressions

When i first arrived in Kavadarci, it was 2 weeks ago. It was a long journey and we were very tired for the first couple of days, and we couldn’t explore the town, but when we went out to explore, my initial impression was that the people were really helpful toward us. Even though we couldn’t communicate with each other really well, they always tried to help us with their gestures.

Why Am I in Macedonia, Kavadarci?

The reason why I’m here is, because it was my only option to go abroad and to be an EVS volunteer. Even though it was my only option i probably wouldn’t have picked a better place.

What Is EVS For Me?

For me EVS is the best way to explore different cultures, learn other languages and to make new friends from different cultures.

On The Road So Far…

As I’ve said before we explored the town and met with some local people thanks to Cvetanka and Dunavka. Since we are still new here we are trying to get used to the life of Kavadarci. So far this place is much better than I expected and I have lots of stuff to do when I want to do something. Before I came here I thought it was a smaller town and thought it will get boring easily but so far i didn’t get bored from the town or the life in generally. I also have some ideas for EVS such as presenting our country and make people to get to know our language a little bit better. I hope i can accomplish everything i want throughout this 6 months.



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