EVS Project »Be the part of BIT«

Info-pack for the EVS Project

»Be the part of BIT«

Črnomelj, Slovenija

01.05.2016 – 31.01.2017

  1. Youth Center BIT

Who are we?


Youth center BIT was founded in 2004 by the Students Society of Bela krajina (KBŠ) and Youth Culture Club Bela krajina (MKK). It has a status of a non-profit and private non-governmental organisation that works in public interest.


YC BIT is located in the Črnomelj’s city centre and combines the YC Info office and MKK Club. We have recently realized one of our main goals and created a new place in the city castle, where we offer our youth a warm and creative place to spend their days at. Feel free to visit us!



What are we doing?


YC BIT is mostly lead by volunteers and is supported by contract partners. Our main target group are young people between the ages of 15 and 30. We pay special to the young people with fewer opportunities, especially those with social, economic and educational barriers.


Our vision is to create a team that will efficiently work towards fulfilment of young people´s needs and will consequently encourage youngsters to identify with the values of our organisation.


The mission is to prepare and coordinate programs and projects that enable young people to spend their spare time in a creative way and fulfil their educational, professional, cultural, artistic and other needs.


Our program objectives:


  • to encourage active youth participation and European citizenship,
  • to inform youth about different topics, connected with everyday life,
  • to offer adequate advice and to refer users to the suitable institutions,
  • to provide conditions that will enable youngsters to spend their spare time in a creative way,
  • enable non-formal education and training for youth work,
  • promotion and involvement of young people in voluntary work,
  • to raise awareness and reduce the consequences of delinquent behaviour among youth,
  • to encourage self-initiative and creativity of young people,
  • direct and constant communication with the local youth in order to fulfil their needs
  • to promote political (participation in decision-making processes) and social youth participation,
  • to provide participation of local youth in international activities,
  • cooperation and networking with similar organizations on a local, national and international level.


Main fields of our work are:


  • youth information and counselling (individual and group)
  • non-formal education and projects on the local level (workshops, courses, presentations, round table discussions, exhibitions, conferences, youth initiatives)
  • international youth projects (European Voluntary Service, Training Courses, Seminars, Job shadowing activities, Networking)
  • club program (Non-commercial/alternative concerts, Stand-up comedy shows, festivals)
  • technical and organizational support to individuals and organizations (free access to internet, lending of technical equipment, assistance at work with computer and internet, printing, scanning)



Contact information:



Youth Center BIT

(Mladinski center BIT)

Trg svobode 1

8340 Črnomelj






Telephone number:



  1. Our town Črnomelj (Pronunciation in English: »Chernomel«)


Črnomelj is a small town (around 7.000 habitants) in Bela krajina, south-eastern part of Slovenia. It is situated 92 km from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, and 100 km from Zagreb, the capital of the neighbouring country of Croatia. Both Ljubljana and Zagreb have an international airport so there is no problem with the transport to Črnomelj. In your free time you can do a lot of things: go for a walk through the city or to the forest, run in a forest (there is a running track), hang out with other EVS volunteers or visit the surroundings (Bela krajina) with a bike. On the weekend you can go to the concerts in Youth cultural club or go partying in a bar. There are also a lot of opportunities for eating outside. Normally in Črnomelj we walk by foot, because everything is so close. If you want to visit other places you have public transport or someone that you know and can give you a ride, so no worries.


Promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6ANugiaIgE


  1. Hostel, a place to live

You will be sharing an apartment in Dijaški dom Črnomelj (hostel) with polish volunteer. You will also help us to run hostel.

  1. Food and stuff …

When it comes to nutrition, you will have several options. We have an open account at a local market, pizzeria and one restaurant which serves delicious food. You will also have kitchen in your appartment. There is also a health care centre nearby, so you don’t have to worry. For all other concerns you might have, the YC BIT team will be available to offer you the necessary support.


  1. Projects and »obligations«


You will spend time in our office every working day (Monday–Friday) from 10.00 until 14.00. There, you will help us with our open projects and work on your competences. Volunteers will also be involved in our other international projects and you will help us to run hostel. Also you will spend 3 hours per week in school with childer with special needs.

We expect you to realize at least one project on your own (of course with all our support). You will also get Youthpass. We hope EVS will be a great learning process for you.


Please check our page to see what we are doing:





You will also get pocket money (85 EUR per month)

  1. Questions …

If you have any questions that we forgot to mention in this info-pack, write an e-mail to your sending coordinator from SPPMD at youth@sppmd.org.mk


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