Beingpreneur, be a Business Man

Training Course with the aim to enhance the Entrepreneurship skills

of youth leaders and youth workers

Durres, Albania, 15-23 November 2015


Three representatives of SPPMD participated on the training course ‘Beingpreneur, be a Business Man’ that took place in Durres, Albania, from 15-23 November 2015, organized by our partners from Albania – the organization Open Doors.

       The methodology of the TC was introduced to us, simply by explaining the holistic approach. A holistic view means that we are interested in engaging and developing the whole person. It’s the concept that the human being is multi-dimensional. Approach that involves the head the brain and the heart.

       During the training course we had different sessions about what is the difference between the Non Governmental Organizations, Social enterprises, and Business enterprises. What are the important elements of the business plan, (i.e. vision, mission, values, objectives, intended activities, prospective clients, possible competitors, action and financial planning, projection data), the personal characteristics that make you good entrepreneur (initiative, persistence, resilience, optimism, risk-tolerance, desire for control, problem solving, critical thinking), what are the tools for effective communication, time management and leadership skills, how to sell an element and many others.

      In addition, we had an opportunity to meet the mayor of Durres, we visited the archaeological museum and the amphitheater in Durres, we shared good practices about entrepreneurship and learned basics how to better organize our own enterprise.


       Presenting numerous models of business plans, the key features that all business plans must contain,  writing Erasmus + project application, swot analysis, and the methods.

       We explored the benefits of learner-centered approach, experience oriented, involving both the individual and the group, where we are all deciding which competences we get.

ff9466_da3f3567771e4a7fb30f9d466ccb7738        Therefore the vision of holistic leader means somebody who acknowledges and honours their own complexity, who recognize that we all co-create our world, and who takes responsibility for their own part in this process.



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