EVS experience in Szeged, Hungary

Szia! Hungarian Hi


Our short term EVS project “Colour your summer “in Szeged, Hungary, hosted by Talentum Alapitvany.

We were volunteers from 5 different countries, England, Turkey, Georgia, Reunion, and Macedonia in Szeged, for teaching english in summer camp and promoting mobility and volunteerism in the local Szin estival. Being a volunteer for 1 month is short but very enriching experience, as in this period we did so many things, such as a promotion, intercultural exchange, discovering Hungary, teaching English, having fun..

During the first days we met all the volunteers, including the long term volunteers from Germany and Italy, Beatrice and Susan, who were also the trainers, they were there to help us in the learning of non-formal methods, and teaching process, in the summer camp and preparation for the festival, getting to know the city, the food, the culture…


The second week we started with the summer English camp, teaching English in non-formal way, presenting our countries and cultures, preparing traditional food, sport, creativity, cultural diversity… and the third week was the preparing of the activities about the Szin Festival, learning about strategic and project management, organizing, preparation, implementation of the activities. Giving information and promoting, Youth exchanges, EVS, mobility, flash mobs, personal projects on the festival, about culture.

But the learning process was not ending during the work time, peer learning continued in our free time, the afternoons and nights we spent in traditional thermal baths and spa, beaches, nightclubs,  horse riding( in Sándorfalva a Hungarian village 10 km from Szeged) we went there to see one carriage driving competition, and we spent one day there, carriage driving sightseeing, tasting palinka, and pogacsa.



Unforgettable experience, improving communication and social skills, cultural awareness and expression, but also developing our sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.  Don’t miss this kind of experience, you can also be part of it, by the Erasmus + program for mobility.


One comic book video from the participants and the activities in Szeged


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