10 -18 AUGUST

The main theme of our project is personal development, and the development of entrepreneurial attitudes among participants. Through the implementation of the project, we want to know personal development techniques, improve our skills and creative thinking to develop the participants’ entrepreneurial exchange trends. We are people who want to gain knowledge in an alternative way. Personal development and entrepreneurship are very important issues that teachers do not discuss in schools. People do not have a clue about business psychology, the power of they own subconscious, daily habits impact on they lives. An important aspect of our project is to exchange experience and knowledge among the participants from different countries. We intend jointly to find out what personal development techniques exist in our countries, and after gaining this knowledge, to develop common that we think are the most practical and best. Typically, participants’ knowledge about other countries concerns only historical aspects. People do not always interested in the economy and the trends of life in other countries. We are interested in working on ourselves, entrepreneurship, and its support in partner countries as well as business psychology. Together, we will search for ways to motivation to act through discussions with the local community and our own experience. We will learn coaching techniques used in the partner countries.

Project participants should be between 18 and 24 years old!

Nevertheless, our main purpose is to learn about entrepreneurship and economics, alternative education, the impact of young people on shaping the environment and putting knowledge into practice

The project will last 7 days. Thirty six participants will be involved in the project ( twelve participants from each country). The project will be realized in Krakow – a multicultural and extremely charming town, that will cause greater verve to work. Through the various motivational techniques, which we will learn on the exchange, we will become independent and confident people. In addition, thanks to personal trainers, we will learn how to manage our time, how to focus our goals, beliefs, and how to achieve personal success in life. We will also learn how an intercultural education looks in the partner countries and how they work on self-development. We will present the image of a enterprising person in each of the countries and compare it in detail. It will help us with creating the basic values and principles that will give us a visible outline and help us to shape ourselves. Using the chosen activating methods, the participants will be overcame their weaknesses and all kinds of obstacles. Street games, in which we will need to cooperate with the local community, as well as workshops, quizzes or group works also will be very helpful and give us an opportunity to demonstrate to. It is worth to mention energizing games aimed at loosening us after hard work, which undoubtedly will be accompanying us from the beginning to the end of the exchange. Each event will be summarized at the end of the day and documented by a lot of pictures, videos and albums. All the materials – the results of our work will be presented by the groups in their local communities after return to their home countries. We will tell our local community about what we will learn and try to faithfully give them our knowledge. The main act will be a summarizing gala, which we will organize in a honor of all those who have contributed to our success.

The aims of the project are:

1. To understand the sources, forms and methods of personal development in partner countries

2. To understand and develop practical ways to build confidence among the participants of exchange

3. To develop coaching abilities of participants of the exchange

4. To familiarize with interesting ways to motivate and their application in practice

5. To find incentives that stimulate us to broaden our horizons, knowledge and personal development

6. To develop creativity among the participants of the exchange

7. To familiarize with ways of breaking the communication barriers

8. To develop knowledge about the cultures of 3 countries.

  1. Active participation of youth

Competences which will be developed by the participants:

– “how to become a self-confident”

  • developing practical ways to build confidence
  • “where to get motivated from”
  • familiarization with operations forming motivation in practice
  • “learning assertiveness”
  • refusal skills, one’s own position
  • “learning can be fun”
  • learning about alternative ways of teaching, broadening knowledge, developing creativity
  • “breaking down communication barriers”
  • developing conversation skills and meet new people
  • “how to be a good speaker,”
  • developing coaching ability

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