Macedonia at crossroads – The Future of Multicultural Society


Macedonia at crossroads – The Future of Multicultural Society

The conference took place in Bitola, Macedonia,

27-28 of June 2015


       The platform of multiculturalism was supported by Kalevi Sorsa Fondation and Progress Institute for Social Democracy. The aim of the platform is to create a space where young members of different political parties and NGO can come together to debate, find common interest, cooperate and to elaborate the current political situation in Macedonia. The platform also aims developing the capacities and skills, increase self-motivated action and engage cooperation in multi-ethnic environment between the organizations, or any other skills the organizations see as relevant for their members.

       The introduction in the platform was started by Prof. Ivan Dodovski, UACS and Rizvan Sulejmani with small presentation and insight on the topic, Political crisis in Macedonia – the Effects and Way forward, and after followed the presentation from Prof. Stevo Pendarovski, UACS.

       In the further discussion our representatives from Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency – SPPMD took active role with their own presentations and perspectives about the ongoing political crisis in Macedonia. They have also presented our active engagement in advocating about multiculturalism and inter-ethnic youth cooperation, as well as about possible solutions that can be proposed, which in inter-ethnic cooperation is needed more then ever.


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