Youth Exchange – Revitalizing nature parks, Črnomelj, Slovenia

  • Youth Exchange – Revitalizing nature parks

19.08. – 27.08.2015 – Črnomelj (Slovenia)

The Revitalizing nature parks youth exchange will take place in Črnomelj (Slovenia) and will be attended by 42 participants and group leaders from Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Macedonia, Croatia and Turkey. The exchange will take place between 19th and 27th August 2015.

Črnomelj has three nature parks – Griček, Jurjevanska draga and Majer. Up until twenty years ago, the parks were full of children and their parents, playing and having fun. However, through time, things changed and the social life of our youth has now moved on to social networks. The city of Črnomelj is dealing with high unemployment rates and depression and the aim of this project is to encourage awareness about including given resources into raising the quality of life.

We wish to show the participants and the public, that we need to look for the positives in our environment and make an effort to activate the given potentials. We will also try to present the parks as a place of social inclusion for people on the edge of society. The participants of the youth exchange will use the parks to present traditional games of their countries and to lure the local population in the parks with sport and other social events. The learning dimension will also be an important component of the project. Our wish is to encourage the awareness of youth about the meaning of nature and parks in urban environments, the possibilities of social inclusion on public events and the meaning of planned competence enhancement for an individual’s personal development.

The participants of the project will be young people, well aware of the meaning of active citizenship, who wish to make positive changes in their local environment. Special attention will be paid to inclusion of underprivileged youth.


Participants will be accommodated in the hostel (3 participants in one room), where they have provided three meals a day.

Please inform us in advance if any of the participants have any special requirements regarding food. Accommodation and food will be 100% covered by the Project.

Our last projects was also organized in this hostel.

Travel costs:

We will reimburse (max. 30 days after the project):

Spain, Macedonia, Germany and Turkey – 170 per participant

Croatia – 80 EUR per participant

Turkey – 150 EUR for visa costs per participant

Participants may come to the exchange by public transport, by plane, van or car. We are ready to help you to organize. Closest airports are: Zagreb, Ljubljana, Venice and Trieste. We will help you to organize transport from airports to Črnomelj.

Do not buy tickets without our approval and do not buy tickets before you have at least 5 person in a group!


six participants (age limit 18-30, only two of them can be younger then 18 ) and 1 group leader (no age limit). Please be aware that we will have a lot of outdoor activities. Info-pack “What to bring” we will send you 30 days before the project.

Some usefull informations and links: (our past projects) (Participants will have free entrance for concert)

– promotional video about Črnomelj

video from YE Brandyourself (please click on subtitles)

– Prices in Črnomelj: Beer (2 EUR), Coffee (1 EUR), Juice (1,5 EUR), Glass of wine (1 EUR)

For more info and application procedure for Macedonian group, please write to

SPPMD volunteers will provide you with additional info.

The dead-line for completing the group is 30.06.2015.

Looking forward to welcoming you here,



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