Become an EVS volunteer this summer in Hungary

”Colour  your  summer

Talentum Foundation from Hungary is looking for young people to join our 1-month EVS project “Colour your summer”. The project will take place from the 1st August till 31st August 2015 in Szeged, South of Hungary. In total there will be 10 volunteers involved from 5 different countries: Turkey, Georgia, Macedonia, United Kingdom, La Reunion (France).

The project aims to encourage European awareness, entrepreneurship and intercultural competences among young people. Participants will have the opportunity to share their culture, be part of an international team, bring in own ideas and support the local community. They will implement a summer camp for local youngsters and participate in the local “Szin Festival”. (

The EVS volunteers will get the opportunity to play an active role during the project, but also to discover Szeged and surroundings and experience Hungarian culture.

Talentum Foundation has experience in hosting international volunteers. Currently we are hosting 2 EVS from Italy and Germany who will be part of the “Colour your summer” as well. (See the girls’ blog:

We want to host motivated, creative and open-minded volunteers willing to deal with teenagers and the local community. Participants need to be enthusiastic to share their hobbies and interests. Since communication will play important role in the activities, basic knowledge of English is an asset. Volunteers with fewer opportunities are welcome! 1 male and 1 female/ 1 younger and 1 older volunteer will be hosted from each country.

How you can apply: Please send a motivation letter and CV to for candidates from Macedonia till the 3rd of June.

Suitable candidates will be selected till the 11th of June



Project program:
1st week: settling and on-arrival training

1st week: settling and on-arrival training
The volunteers will get to know each other and the city of Szeged with the help of our staff and EVS. They will work on the preparation of the upcoming activities and learn non-formal teaching methods.
2nd week: implementation of local Youngster summer camp
The volunteers will organise and implement different workshops for teenagers from the age of 13. They will mainly teach English, plus share their national cultures and traditions. Of course they can also propose creative workshops based on the interests and hobbies of the group.
3rd week: continuation of the local Youngster summer camp and planning of the last week. The volunteers continue the activities and deepen their skills. Furthermore they will start to plan the participation in the Szin festival.
4th week: Szin Festival
At the festival, besides the musical entertainment, civil organisations have the chance to present themselves and offer activities (“civil village”). Therefore the volunteers together with Talentum staff will be involved in promoting volunteering, international mobility and intercultural exchange.

Proposals from the volunteer applying are more than welcome!


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