Meryem Akkurt – EVS volunteer in SPPMD in Kavadarci


I chose project and i came in Kavadarci with my cousin. When i came here, i had a lot of questions on my mind. We got off the bus and we saw Deniz and Djoko. Deniz had prepared a welcome card and we were very happy. I was sure, everything here is going to be very nice. In the evening was organized a “welcome party” for us. The SPPMD members from the Organization came to the Volunteer House. I met with everyone. Petze, Jovan, Zlate, Raditza, Boshko, Mariana, Maria, Alex. It was a very pleasant evening. I was lost in translation, but I was trying to speak English. So Sorry


This became a wonderful adventure for me and my cousin. Next day, Maria came and we went to Tikvesh Lake. I took wonderful photos there. It already liked. The very next day, Alex called us, and invite us to his house, so we can play backgammon. Alex said “My father is very good in backgammon”. I said “Okey, we will see” And I was playing backgammon with Alex’s father. In the end I won . I think, I am very lucky. Maybe. I don’t know

5 May is Hıdrellez. Hıdrellez is special day for Turkey’s. It is celebrated as the arrival of spring. For example, we burn a fire, we skip over it, and we make a wish. We draw and paint paper. The hanging of rosewood.  We prepare the paper with the wishes on it and we went to Luda Mara. Than we throw the paper to Luda Mara. I was exited. I was wondering if our wishes will came true. Hopefully We will see


The following day we were preparing for the Europe Day. We made maps of the countries, we found special customs and we were writing. For example, the people from the Czech Republic like beer, and they are bathing in beer. The Portuguese people have 3 special customs, those are: Fado, Football and Fiesta. We were ready for the Europe Day. We woke up early, we got prepared and we went to SPPMD club. Martin and Vele were there, we went in the city center together and we started with the preparations. The Europe Day started. In the beginning the Macedonian children were singing a song from Ludwing Van Bethoven 9. Symphony. Than followed a dance from Venus dancing group and in the end the Italian ambassador came. The Europe day finished. It was good day.



One day Pavlinka invited us into her home. We got ready and we went to Pavlinka’s home. She prepared a lot of food and dessert for us. Pavlinka and Pavlinka’s family are very friendly We were very happy. Pavlinka have to two dogs, and immediately we fall in love with them because, they are so cute. We had a great lunch with beautiful conversation And we studied English. Thank you Pavlinka for that day Everything was great

Language Camp was arranged in Mihajlovo. Participant countries were Turkey, Macedonia, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania and Greece. We met with them in Kavadarci. After we went to Mihajlovo for Intercultural Night. We met with people from different countries. It was good day. We were tasting food with different flavors from all the countries who participated there. It was an interesting experience for us. I love to discover new cultures. We were watching intercultural show. Every country prepared a show , and we played Erasmus Game in the end. It was a fun game It was a good day


Macedonia and Turkish culture are very similar. Because we were together 500 years. We have similar words. For example: tencere, pencere, cezve, yorgan, çarşaf, bardak, leblebi…

I will have been here almost for a month, but I love this place. The people in Kavadarci are very helpful, tolerant, friendly and nice. Kavadarci is a nice place, peacefull, green and cute

The oldest people in Kavadarci are saying hi to everybody. They say Hi “Zdravo” to you. This place is silent and calm. I never feel foreign in Kavadarci. I love this place. I wonder. What I will see next? I wonder. Let’s see.


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