Esra Konaçoğlu – EVS volunteer in SPPMD in Kavadarci

Before I decided to come to Macedonia  I was searching on the internet – where is Macedonia?  Because I had a plan with my friend to visit Macedonia, but our plan was canceled.  And one day I was looking for EVS in the Turkish pages on my facebook and I found  EVS Projects. There were 3 options such as : Moldova , Romania and Macedonia,  and of course without any thinking I chose Macedonia.

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When we came here, I didn’t know why, but I was not excited. Maybe the reason could be that I was with my cousin. But I was sure that everything is going to be fine. And till now, everything was awesome, more  than my expectations.

And now I am going to explain ‘How was my flight?’ , ‘How is my life in Kavadarci ’, and ‘My experience’.

First of all ‘How was my trip?’ When i arrived in Skopje there was no difference from Turkey. Because there were lot of people who were speaking Turkish around me. My flight from Istanbul to Skopje was pretty nice. It took only one hour. It was like a going to another city in Turkey.  After  that we took the bus from the Airport to Skopje bus station. And then we took the bus that was going to Kavadarci with my cousin. After 2 hours we were in Kavadarci. Deniz and Djoko welcomed us so sincerely. Deniz has prepared one worksheet , with written ‘Welcome Esra and Meryem’. That  made us happy 😀 After a short walk, we went to our apartment.  At first sight , I really like it. Deniz had arranged ‘welcome party‘ for us. Local people came to our home and we met with them, eat, drink something, talk about our countries, and my trip. That was so nice and funny.

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The very next day, I had a walk in  Kavadarci, it is small but quite nice town, I really love it. I went to Gradski Park that is the biggest park in Kavadarci. One time, we went Gradski Park with my cousin for walking , sitting and relaxing. 😀 we took blanket  and spread it out in the grass. After we lay down on the cover  and watched the sky when the sun goes down, listened the sounds of the birds, felt the warm wind. That was a great experience, awesome and peaceful. It was possible to see every shade of green. I  think everybody should live their life lıke every day ıs the last one. I definitely recommend it J  Almost everyday, i see Luda Mara River. When I saw for the first time , I said that ‘ it is a little bit similar as Seine River that is in Paris’. It reminded me of Seine River. A few days ago, I took birthday video for my best friend near to the river and one time i went near Luda Mara with my friends and we played some games and sing a song together.

And also we visited city center of Kavadarci.  There are some caffes, markets, shops and something like that . That is similar for every city. I like only one caffe from all of them, that is Pub Blue and think have a different and interesting concept.

We went to theater that Miki made it. I don’t remember what is the name of theater. I did not understand anything because ‘nerazbiram Makedonski’  but that was so funny.

If I am comparing Kavadarci to Istanbul, I choose İstanbul where I am living in this city. First of all  Kavadarci is smaller than Istanbul.  Easy to go where ever you want in here but it is totally different than Istanbul. If i want to go somewhere i have to take transportation vehicle. People can go by walking in Kavadarci. There is no traffic , no crowded. It is wonderful place for living.  People who live in Kavadarci are always calm. In Turkey people immediately get angry ,they are always aggressive. It’s hard to live there.

Secondly the environment. Kavadarci is as dirty as İstanbul. People don’t care of the environment. But one thing caught my attention that people who live in Kavadarci clean up in front of their house. But when I walked the city center, people were throwing  down garbage on the ground or near them. I think municipality don’t have  enough budget about that, or don’t use their budget in proper way for environment.

Thirdly, the salaries. When I was sitting with my local friends , I asked some question about that ‘What is the minimum salary?’, ‘Is it enough for living here?’. I was so curious about that question and the answer of this question. Because, our currency is more valuable than Macedonian denar. And  easy to live here because it is cheap for me. The minimum salary is 150 € and as I learned it is not enough for living here. But police or people who works in municipality and something like that earns 500 € and more. In Turkey minimum salary is 450€ and it is not enough for one family. If you want to live well, you have to have second job or the other members of family have to work as well.

Lastly, I want to explain my experience  about the projects . The 8 of May was the Europe Day. We had prepared flags, maps, information about 5 countries. Such as, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Czech Republic and Portugal. This event took place in the main square in the center of Kavadarci with the local people.  In that day, there was dance show, people who  sang songs . We had wonderful  time. And these photos are from Europe Day.


Almost 10 days ago I joined in one event, one Project in Mihajlovo. The project name was ‘ Language Camp’. There were 8 countries, such as Turkey, Macedonia, France,  Lithuania , Czech Republic, Spain, Greece and Romania. There were almost 90 people ( children and their teachers), Children were from 14 to 16 years who are studying at secondary school. The aim of the Project was improving the children’s language skills. I just join in one part of the of Project that was İntercultural Night. Each country  brought some special foods and drinks. During the preparation I was with the students from Greece. They were cleaning snails and I was shocked. That was unbelievable for me because I had never eaten snails. And I still don’t 😀 . the greek students said that ‘ this is soo delicious, and i should try, but i could not do this 😀 and that night i tried to eat as much as i can every country food. In the end of the night each country did their traditional dance. It was really nice to watch.  And I met many new friends from another countries. Especially, the french people were very kind to us.

In summary, until now I passed wonderful time in here. And I know a lot of people who are very good and kind to me. I had good experiences and I will have new experiences. I wish the project was not short term. I think two months are not enough. I really like this city. I feel  like my home town .

Ok see you again with my new text 😉


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