Volunteers – Braga, Portugal


Portuguese Red Cross – Braga is now starting the process of applying for a new EVS project.
During the project “B.A.M. Be active – Move!”, we will host 4 volunteers for a 12 month period from 01.10.2015 – 30.09.2016 in Braga, Portugal to work with Red Cross Youth in social field. The volunteers will mainly work with kids and youth from a challenging neighborhood, develop and carry out specific workshops and support Red Cross in media, design and Erasmus+ field.
Profile of the volunteers

Age: between 17-30 years;
Genuine interest in social and educational issues;
Motivated, flexible and reliable;
Ability to work in multi-lingual/multi-cultural environment;
Interested and predisposed to work with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people
and children, with particular emphasis on Roma young people;
Able to work in a team environment but also able to take his/her own initiatives;
Genuine interest in being useful to others rather than the will of “adventure”
Should be responsible, creative, curious, open-minded;
Should have good communicative skills;
Creating empathy with children and young people;
Able to support and stimulate different types of leisure activity, from indoor to outdoor
Capabilities in artistic expression;
Experience on sports or music field is very welcomed.

We receive applications till the 27th March!


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