EVS Placements in Mullhouse, France



2 EVS Placements in Mullhouse, France
Project Description :
Within the association “Old School”, the mission of the volunteers will be to participate in a project to promote cultural and artistic activities through the “MNE” radio station.
The volunteer will work 30 hours per week, Monday to Friday. Schedules will be flexible according to the interests of the volunteer and the needs of the radio programming.
This project has three objectives:
To promote the activities and projects of the association network via the radio ;
Maintain and develop the associative network of the Old School Association.
Volunteers will be surrounded by a team of local volunteers and professionals who provide the necessary technical assistance.
All these activities should enable volunteers to acquire useful technical competencies in the field of radio broadcasting, and make rapid progress in French language and integration in the local community.
Maintain and develop links with local associations and local artists ;
Conduct radio programs involving the preparation work (micro sidewalk, reports, research stakeholders) ;
Participate in the promotion and radio programs ;
Assist in the professional training they issue in schools ;
Participate in the animation and preparation of emissions related news ;
In addition to the tasks related to the project, volunteers will be invited to take part in other activities of the association and those of its partners.
Number of placements: 2
Duration of the Service: 9 months
Activity Start date: August 2015
Further information about the Host organisation and its activities: http://www.old-school.fr
Dead-line for application is 07.04.2015



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