HEAR YOUR PEER – TC in Kavadarci

The training “Hear your peer” which took place in Kavadarci from 1st till 5th September and was organised by SPPMD together with partners CYE 018 from Serbia and IDYES from Turkey. The aim of this training was to teach the participants about the combat against hate speech online through peer education. This training was a contribution to “No Hate Speech Movement” and was supported by European Youth Foundation, Council of Europe.

The last day for the participants was most intensive, but they left from Kavadarci with more knowledge and unforgettable moments and experience which made them part of the HATE FIGHTERS team. This is what part of the group wrote about the last day:


Unfortunately the last day of our training course has arrived. As usual our morning started with an energizer which helped us to gain more energy for the whole day. After we were preparing our workshops, we presented our work facing many different situations and picking up new skills and experiences. Our trainers had the main role in this segment of evaluation of our work and they gave us very useful advices and suggestions. After the dinner we had fare wall party and we enjoyed a lot all night long.


SPPMD likes to thank to all who participate in this training and to wish big success to all in fighting against hate.

Together we can do it!


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