This week in Kavadarci, our organisation SPPMD together with CYE 018 from Serbia and IDYES from Turkey are organizing training named “Hear Your Peer”, which is for FIGHT AGAINST HATE SPEECH.  These action will last from 01.09.2013 until 05.09.2013. The participants will  build their capacities to combat hate speech online through peer education and will organize different online and offline actions.This is a part of No Hate Speech Movement, and it is supported by Council of Europe. (European Youth Foundation, Council of Europe).

The working day had started pretty much early considering that we were all tired from traveling but we managed to wake up, breakfast and start workshops on time.
The whole afternoon was full field with some interesting games that helped us to remember all the participant’s names. After a coffee break we continued with some teambuilding games where we were divided in smaller groups and had some competitions where we needed to work as a team.

Even though it was a lot of fun there was also a lot running so we were all looking forward to having lunch.
The afternoon workshops started with one energizer and after that we learned about Council of Europe, peer education, human rights and we even had a chance to practice our public speaking through one game called “30 seconds of fame”.
Workshops finished at six o’clock and after short evaluation of the day we had hour and a half of free time to get rest and get prepared for dinner and club after that. We had a lot of fun, we talked, laughed, danced, sang and by the end of very busy first day we could say that we found ourselves a lot of new friends.



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