EVS possibility in Serbia!


Another EVS possibility! This time it’s a call from our neighbours in Serbia.
Have a look at the project description and apply before 1st May!
Good luck!


Contact person: Admir Veljovic
Organisation: Youth office of municipality Prijepolje
Location: Prijepolje, Serbia

Deadline: 01/05/2013
Start: 01/01/2014
End: 31/12/2014

Aim of this project is to make unique experience where volunteer will have opportunity to learn and engage during learning a powerful community change aiming at concrete process of impacting community policy on daily life of 100 youngsters and volunteer will be in center of it.

Volunteer will do on making new activities, following action plan in place (The HUB) created by youngsters in high school which will be place of events, bridging opportunities of institutions and energy and experience of organisations, combining it into concrete impact on development of high schoolars in Prijepolje’s Economic and Technic school.

Project connects National employment bureau, rural authority and high school and organisations Jump, Local touristic guides and Old tradition handcrafts fashion clothes woman organisation which brings their resource, opportunities with needs of youngsters.

“Why youth of Prijepolje is so special, now?”
Please find out in our manual on:


  •     25% of time volunteer will be responsible for organizing activities/programs that will make productive push up and start up to experience as part of their personal development
  •     25% of time volunteer will be responsible for organizing leisure time for students after school connected with quality time that will have product usable for self development
  •     15% of time volunteer will be responsible for presentation of best practice, intercultural learning and volunteer country
  •     15% teaching English language or mother language from country of volunteer
  •     20% of time volunteer will be responsible for making promotional campaign of youth office of Prijepolje to wider outreach to rural area and “branding of Prijepolje’s new plan for 100 youngsters”


We are open for anyone who is enthusiastic and full of ideas, have experience in subject of project, want to test his solution in finding new ways and approaches to lower jobless apathy of youngsters especially for students in rural area involved in high school.


Write us an e-mail at iamcomingtoprijepolje@gmail.com as soon as possible!


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