EVS in Mersin – story about a memorable experience


Two weeks ago our volunteer Zlate came back from Turkey where he spent two months realizing his EVS project. After coming home he shared his experiences with us.

For me this project was a big experience and I’m really glad that
I was a part of it. I met really good friends from different countries and we spent two unforgettable months together. In the beginning it was little bit hard because this was first experience of this kind for me but we started to know each better and we became great team from the beginning until the end.

First month we had only one project with local kids and most of our time we spent cleaning the beach. In one of our cleaning actions took part 100 local kids. We had a lot of fun on the beach, played games, were dancing, playing football…


The schools had a winter brake in February so we spent more time preparing ourselves for theater play in which we presented how people can destroy the nature and also how they can protect it. We showed the play in three schools and we were surprised how big impression it made on children. They were very interested in the play and I think we left something for them to remember us.


We also made a movie “Nature Needs Volunteers” about our project and our hosting organization which was shown in one high school in Mersin (you can watch it here). With this movie we tried to involve students into volunteering in the organization and also to help them with communication in English.


All in all it was a great experience for me, I learnt a lot, I improved my communication skills and became more open. I highly recommend this kind of projects to every young person – for sure they will change their lives in a positive way. I am very glad that I took my chances!


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