DO ENTERprise – Training Course on Enterprise spirit, creativity and innovation


NGO SPOT from Serbia is inviting 25 participants from Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Sweden and Turkey to take part in a training course on creativity, enterprising spirit and innovation. This TC is directed to young people with fewer opportunities and will last for 6 days from 28th April until 5th May in Subotica.

The main aim of training young people with fewer opportunities in order to capture opportunities and creatively use the resources from their surroundings in making innovative enterprising initiatives.

Project “Do ENTERprise!” will work on the annual priority of stimulating young people’s spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship, employability, in particular through youth initiatives.

The project is particularly designed to focus on how young leaders perceive the possibilities in their surroundings and on the development of their abilities to take advantage of what they have and build innovative, enterprising ideas jointly with their youth groups and in their youth organizations.

As young people can witness growing trend of unemployment in most of the Europe along with nation-states who are struggling to provide a decent job offers to youth, it is rather a necessity to enable young leaders and develop their skills for self-motivated enterprising action.

The application deadline is 29th March!
For more information and application form visit SALTO’s webite (here).


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