Art & wine

A wine bottle and a wine glass – two seemingly ordinary objects. The first one has got a label, the other one is a transparent dish. But only at first glance! Did you know that bottles and glasses could be a real art? Maybe some of you would like to celebrate Saint Trifun’s Day holding wine glasses that look like flowers next year! Or decorate empty bottles and use them as vases or candle holders. There are plenty of great ideas! On SheKnows we found some inspirations for you! Enjoy! 🙂



First of all, we need some materials: wine glasses, multi-surface craft paint and paint brushes. You can also use puffy paint or paint pen if you want to add names.


The trick is not only for the glasses to look nice outside but also inside! You can use some real flowers or photos for inspiration. You will achieve the best effect with different colours – you can start with a lighter shade and then add a darker one or otherwise. After all it’s all about creativity and imagination!



After you are finished with colourful petals you can add a final touch to your artwork by painting bees, butterflies, names or other details. Remember to hand-wash glesses gently after use!



There are plenty of things you can do with wine bottles so before throwing them think if you can make some use of them first! Below is presented one of the many ideas for upcycling which is not only fast and easy but also a budget-friendly craft!


You will need: empty wine bottle(s), paint, big paintbrush and paint pens. You can also do it by spray painting instead of using traditional paint. For the numbers you can help yourself with printed number stencils.

First step is to remove lables from the bottle. Soak them in warm water for some time until labels peel off easily. You can also try to remove them with nail polish. Then paint the bottle and wait until it dries.


Use a pencil to draw on the bottle. If you’re using stencils place them over the bottle and mark outlines. Then fill in the outline with your choice of paint, e.i. a gold glitter paint pen. Let it dry completly. You can later add some sticks or flowers into the bottle, use it as a candle holder or just a decoration. It’s up to you!


For more inspirations you can visit where you can find plenty of articles devoted to different kinds of crafs! Have fun! 🙂


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