New EVS volunteers in SPPMD!

On 1st March SPPMD will welcome two new EVS volunteers! Martyna and Lilianna come from Poland and will stay in Kavadarci for 4 months.



My name is Martyna. I’m from Poland and I live in Szczecin which is located in north-west of Poland. This is the same city where
I studied the technology of food. To be a volunteer has always been one of my dreams but during studies I couldn’t make it real. Right now, thanks to SPPMD it is going to be real and I’m so excited and looking forward to start my volunteering in Kavadarci. It is gonna be my first adventure with being a volunteer.

I love to travel, discover new places and meet new people, for sure, I will have all of it in Macedonia. See you around Macedonia.


My name is Lilianna and I am cultural anthropologist. Observing people, studying their culture and their habits is my job and also my hobby. This is the thing that I love the most. Somebody told me that being an anthropologist does not mean a job, it is a passion, you cannot stop it: “you are always a scientist even in the most intimate moments”. I think this is the reason why
I am looking for the opportunities to live in other countries with different culture and lifestyle. I travel through countries of Eastern Europe and Asia.

In the meantime I work as a journalist or reporter but I have realized that I have never been in any country of the Balkan Peninsula and I am really interested in it. That is why my next stop will be Kavadrci in Macedonia so see you soon! 😉



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