Volunteering in Mersin is great!


One month ago our volunteer Zlate left for Mersin, Turkey where he does his short-term EVS. Now, being a halfway done with his volunteering project, he shares his experiences with us.


We are volunteers from Romania, Bulgaria, France, Portugal, Hungary, Georgia, Tunesia and Macedonia. Every weekday one of the volunteers cooks something traditional from his land. We also make country presentations. This way we can try new food and learn more about different countries and cultures.


From Monady to Friday between 10 and 13 we clean the beach and every Monady, Wednesday and Friday we’ve got
a workshop where we discuss our projects and share our ideas for new events. We’ve also got Turkish lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


In the meantime we are busy with a movie about our projects and we still work on it. Once we found a dead turtle on the beach which made our motivation for the volunteering in Turkey grow stronger.


One of our projects included schoolchildren with whom we cleaned the beach. After cleaning we played football and other games, we also danced. After the activities we offered juice to all kids and we thanked them for their contribution and friendship. In the activities took part 100 kids!


For Saint Valentine’s Day we prepared hearts with messages which we distributed in a nearby village called Kazanli. Most of them we gave to young people who took them with smile on their faces and happiness.


This year I celebrated my birthday here, in Mersin. Together with other volunteers we listened to Macedonian songs, we danced oros and we drank my homemade wine and rakija.


I also travelled to Antalya where I spent a great time.

The weather is super! Most of the days are sunny, sometimes it showers a bit but all in all it’s wonderful and I don’t feel like going back home!


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