Handball World Championship 2013


On 11th January the 23rd IHF Men’s Word Championship in handball has started. This year the venue is hosted by six Spanish cities – Seville, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Madrid, Guadalajara and Granollers.

This week the group phase is finishing. Macedonia competed in Group B with the teams from Russia, Chile, Iceland, Denmark and Qatar. Yesterday the team from the Balkans lost with the Scandinavian spirit 30-33. This enabled Denmark to play with the 4th team from Group A in the next round, while Macedonia will face its leader – Germany.

After the game Zvonko Shundovski (Macedonian head coach) said:

Congratulations for the victory to the Danish team. They have shown up they’re a serious candidate to be champions of the tournament. (…) Congratulations to my players for their great performance. We play better and better in attack. I am satisfied with our transitions from attack to defense, but we have to improve for our performances against big teams.

Today Group C will play last three matches in Zaragoza (Belarus-Saudi Arabia, Poland-South Korea, Serbia-Slovenia) and the teams for Group D will compete in Madrid (Egypt-Australia, Spain-Croatia, Hungary-Algeria).

Who do you think will be the winner of this Championship? 🙂


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