Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Estonia!


Preparing workshops for youth so that they could spend their leisure time in active and creative way. Sounds interesting? Then don’t miss a chance to apply for a long-term EVS project in Haljala, northern Estonia!
The application deadline is 23rd December 2012 (Sunday)!


Contact person: Dina Mikfeldt
Coordinating organisation: Estonian Special Youth Work Organisation
Host: Haljala Noortekeskus (
Location: Haljala, Estonia

Deadline: 23/12/2012
Start: 01/09/2013
End: 31/05/2014

Haljala Noortekeskus was established in 2002 by youth living in the area to create educational activities for their free time. Main aim of the organisation is to provide various workshops for youth so that they could spend their leisure time in active and creative way and the staff is composed for the workers and a local volunteer group. Workshops are designed to prepare the youth to become social and active citizens. Youth centre organises events on topics like environment, health care, culture and social theatre workshops are held to develop problem solving skills. All the activities take into account the true needs of youth and take into account the general legislation. Youth centre is based on the idea of open space meaning that everybody in between the age 16 to 26 is invited to participate in the activities held by the centre. Haljala Noortekeskus also cooperates with other institutions in the county – school, community centre, kindergarten – thus being one of the important mediators between local youth and society.


Future volunteer will have the opportunity to work with young people who live in a rural area and come from different social background. We include the volunteer into our daily activities which enable him/her to organise different workshops with the youth workers of the centre, also to become a participant in trainings in which our own youth workers participate. As the volunteer will work closely with local children she/he is in a very good position in finding out what the children long for and thus initiate her/his own project ideas. She/he is also welcome to cooperate with other institutions in Haljala parish. Through his/her service volunteer will become more familiar with the social and cultural background of Haljala community.

The volunteer will act as an ambassador in the community connecting the institutions and developing activities. Main role of the volunteer will be assisting local youth worker and youth center’s manager in their daily activities and support the Culture House and Kindergarten.

In the youth center the volunteer will contribute to the drawing, table games, social theatre and handicraft workshops. Youth Center is also used by local Youth Council whose activities the future volunteer can participate. Haljala Rahvamaja (Culture House) is the organizer for major events in the parish where the international volunteer’s insight and his/her cultural background will be a great asset in organizing new events which will enliven the community life.

Haljala Rahvamaja has various after school activities – guitar and drum lessons, folk dance workshops, singing lessons – in which the volunteer can use his/her creative skills. Volunteer is also invited to give language and culture lessons at Haljala Gymnasium. In Haljala Kindergarten the volunteer can contribute to sports and handicraft workshops. The volunteer will work 7 hours per day and the schedule will depend of the activities in the Youth Center and in other institutions.


We would like to receive volunteer, who is friendly, good communicator, honest, helpful, active and should have some basic knowledge of English. She/he should be interested of working with children and youth. We are ready to host both – female and male volunteers and age is not important, nevertheless we see that person who is coming to volunteer in our project is mature. Also we wait from the volunteer some pro-activity, initiative and creativity to come up with new ideas and suggestions. A capacity of improvisation, dynamism, sense of responsibility to work with children and youngsters will be take in count person who like to play games and do leisure activities (dance, singing, instrument, photography, cooking, sport, acting) so he /she could support the youngsters.


For applying please contact


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