Creative recycling is a lot of fun!

A lot of people think that recycling is only about the segregation of litter. Plastic, paper, glass or organic waste – everything lands in a special, colourful container designed for particular things. Recycling can be much more than that! Do you ever wonder how could you use stuff you don’t need anymore? Do you sometimes think how to make something beautiful out of nothing? Well, here are some tips! Creative recycling is a lot of fun after all!


Plastic bottles, glass bottles, paper, newspapers, cans, paperclips, wires, bulbs, clips, pins, vegetables, wood – all of this and much more can be used for making diverse decorations!


Using metalpins, plastic, old cutlery, paper, glass, felt, strings, materials or wool is ideal for handmade jewelry! You just need a little bit of imagination for creating something really special!


Pancilcases, boxes, containers, candle holders, stamps and many other practical things could be made of any kind of material – uoi just need to be creative!


Even furniture is possible to be made of recycled materials! Tables, chairs, shelves, bookcases, hangers… whatever you want!

For more inspiration visit websites and blogs of recycling enthousiasts! 🙂


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