Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Slovakia!

Are you interested in working with children and youth? Do you want to take part in daily activities, trips and camps? Then this long-term EVS project might be just for you! Centrum of leisure time Rainbow Humenné from Slovakia is looking for a volunteer from May 2013. Read more about it and apply not later than 31st December 2012!


Contact person: Centrum of leisure time Rainbow Humenné
Coordinating organisation: Centrum of leisure time Rainbow Humenné
Host: Agáta Sakaliková (
Location: Humenné, Slovakia

Deadline: 10/01/2013
Start: 15/05/2013
End: 31/12/2013

The Centre of leisure time in Humenné is a governamental institution which has the main aim to prepare activities and interesting courses that children and youngsters, between 6-30, can attend in their free time. Indeed these activities run in the building of our Centre from Monday till Friday, in the morning and in the afternoon. We organize many activities: dancing courses (hip hop, aerobic, break dance, majorettes, folk dances and Roma’s dance), musical courses (instruments lessons, orchestra and choir), English and informatics lessons, drawing and modelling courses, karate, joga, the newspaper of the Centre (written by young people who attend our Centre) and the students’s parlament (constituted by students from middle and high school that promote projects and organize events). Sometimes the Centre runs also during the weekends in which we arrenge some special activities or trips and during the summer we organize camps for children.

Moreover in the Centre there is a creative club where children and especially young people can spend their spare time preparing and realising activities and in other rooms they can also play games, realize sort of musical activities, listen to music or find some information on internet.

The activities are organized in cooperation with parents and youngsters in order to allow young people to avoid drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and to advice a better use of their leisure time.

Sometimes the Centre runs also during the weekends in which we arrenge some activities or trips and during the summer we organize camps for children.


Our organization has already experiences with hosting volunteers, because we hosted 18 volunteers from different countries under European volunteer service. We have a lot of activities in which the volunteers could be active. We are ready to help to volunteers realize their dreams.

Support: Volunteer will have full support from all workers in our organization, we have good experiences with volunteers from 9 last years. Volunteers will have teacher of Slovak language.

Role: The volunteer’s role will consist in cooperation with workers in organization. The volunteer will help them on current activities prepared by Centre of leisure time activities. Volunteer will be working mostly on activities in a our courses, volunteer can be active in areas corresponding to his/her hobbies and interest. Really volunteer will have 30 hours of working time per week. Volunteer take 2 days during month holiday, 24 days per year.

Volunteer’s tasks: The volunteers are asked to take part actively in the organization and realization of the several courses of our centre and possibly to suggest new ideas and make proposals. They can use their skills, hobbies and knowledges, according to their wishes, to enrich our centre and moreover they can learn new abilities attending the activities of our organization. They work from Monday to Friday, especially in the afternoon when the activities take place. During the weekends they can spend their time according to their own interests. We offer them a Slovak weekly language course which will be intensive especially in the first part of their EVS. In the summer we usually organize camps or some activities and volunteers are asked to help us.

Volunteer’s day:

7,30 – 8,30 Breakfast
8,30 – 11,30 leisure, know town and surroundings, meetings with workers and director of the Centre
11,30 – 12,30 Lunch with workers of the centre in school canteen from Monday till Friday and during the weekends lunch in restaurants or according to the agreement with volunteers

12,30 – 13,30 language course with a private teacher
13,30 – 14,00 free time
14,00 – 16,00 attend activities, prepare music, costumes, poster for the courses, advertisings, learn to handle with PC and musical mechanism

16,00 – 16,30 coffee break
16,30 – 18,30 leisure time activities in courses organized by educators working in the centre
18,30 – 20,00 diner
20,00 free


Volunteers who wish to work in our organization should have the following characteristics: responsibility and a sense of obligations, openness and curiosity, love for children and work with the youth, joy and humor, creativity, commitment, flexibility, organizational abilities, good teamwork skills, at least basic knowledge of English. Also nice would be: interest for music, art, drama, games, exercise, or other interesting hobbies.


We will be happy to receive your applications, together with a motivation letter on the e-mail, till 31st December 2012. As the topic of the letter, please, write “EVS 2”.


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