Volunteering in Leipzig!

A vacancy at Bauernhofkindergarten Mölkau in Leipzig, Germany.
The long-term EVS will start in July 2013.
The application deadline is 3rd December 2012 (Monday)!


Contact person: Iryna Tehlivets
Coordinating organisation: Fairbund eV
Host: Bauernhofkindergarten Mölkau
Location: Leipzig, Germany

Deadline: 03/12/2012
Start: 01/07/2013
End: 30/06/2014

Bauernhofkindergarten Mölkau is the first Saxon integrative farm kindergarten. It is located in the old mansion on the farm Mölkau. The farm is situated on the edge of town about 10km from the center and is easily reacheable by bus from the city center of Leipzig.Surrounded by fields, woods and an idyllic park, children can learn and explore the countryside. Our EI Ref is 2010-DE-92.


The EVS volunteer supports educators in the care and supervision and integration of children in kindergarten. The volunteer will be useful, on the one hand, in additional project development, as well as in additional support services in the daily routine, such as age-specific offers, special promotion of integration children, group outings etc. The volunteer can bring additional services around the year to let their creativity run wild and develop within this framework own little project ideas. The aim is to work with different materials, such as paint, wood, plants, sound, etc together with the children as often as possible in order to influence positively their development. Such additional offers bring to the children
a lot of joy and our integration children benefit from additional support. As our kindergarten is a farm one, the volunteer will also help to take care about our animals and yard (i.e. feeding the animals or raking leaves in autumn, so nothing really tiresome).


Volunteers who wish to work in our organization should have the following characteristics: openness and curiosity, love for children, love for animals, joy and humor, creativity, commitment, flexibility, rganizational abilities, good teamwork skills, at least basic knowledge of English or German. Also nice would be: interest for music, art, drama, games, exercise, or other interesting hobbies.


We will be happy to receive your applications – which you can download at www.verein-fairbund.de/euprojekte/index.php/donwload
– together with a motivation letter and a CV on the e-mail
iryna@verein-fairbund.de till 3rd December 2012.
As the topic of the letter, please write “EVS 1”.


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