Vacancy for EVS volunteer in Belgium!

City council of Heusden-Zolder – a municipality in the Belgian province of Limburg – looks for an EVS volunteer from September 2013. The application deadline is 10th December 2012. Below you can read the description of the project.


Contact person: Veronique Sneyaert
Coordinating organisation: Gemeentebestuur HeusdenZolder
Host: Gemeentebestuur Heusden-Zolder (
Location: Heusden Zolder, Belgium

Deadline: 10/12/2012
Start: 10/09/2013
End: 10/03/2014

The volunteer will be working in a team of professional workers and volunteers in organising already existing activities but will also given the opportunity to create new projects. We believe the strength of
a motivated volunteer is knowledge and job satisfaction. The volunteer will get all necessary background and information about a project before she can participate.

For example:

  • Participate with other volunteers in an art project “Article 27” (this is an annual event), which refers to an article of the declaration of human rights “everybody has the right to enjoy art …”. The project brings art of local artists and artist of other countries together. The proceeds will be donated to an Oxfam fairtrade project
  • Participate with other volunteers and professionals in our project “FairTradeCommunity” which stimulates our citizens, our local organisations, schools and traders to use, buy and sell Fair Trade products. We also try to be an example and make people aware of global warming and what to do about it.
  • Participate in the awarness project ‘Fair Art, Fair Trade’ in our local cultural center CC MUZE. The project is trying to make people aware of different kinds of social, global, development and sustainability issues… with a series of ‘Free Documentary’ – debates – educational evenings …
  • Participating or organising free-time activities for children, youngsters or elderly as a co-mentor on Wednesday afternoon, weekends or school hollidays.
  • There is also the possibility according to the interests and capacities of the volunteer to set up activities and promote her/his country and its culture.


  • Promotion : creating leaflets, posters, weblog, (lay-out)
  • co-organising or co-participating in activities for different target groups
  • meetings with colleagues, youth council, city council about fairtrade, diversity, youth, social work, our community, etc


Selection is based on: open attitude, social, liking to work with youngsters and having an open mind towards other cultures. Communication is an important aspect, good communication between volunteer, sending organisation and hosting organisation is the base of a good relationship. You will be staying with a hosting family, if this is a problem for you perhaps you should not apply.


Our EVS project is open for all volunteers, we do not ask specific skills. Selection is based on : open attitude, social, open minded. An important aspect for a successful EVS project is good communication between volunteer, sending and hosting organisation, it is the base of a good relationship. Our project is available on the EVS database and Several months before the final decision we contact several possible candidates and ask them several questions about their motivation. We contact them frequently by mail during this period. Our selection is based on the contact with these volunteers, the one who gives us the best feeling becomes our candidate. We are well aware of the fact that the candidates are volunteers so we do not think of them as employees. Everything they do in our organisation is extra, they do not replace one of our employees. We think it is very important for their own development that they uses the knowledge that they pick up in our organisation to create their own projects.


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