Vega’s Creativity Youth Exchange in Belgrade

The past two weeks, SPPMD’s members participated in Vega’s Creativity Youth Exchange in Belgrade between 25th September and 5th October. The exchange encompassed youth from Serbia, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain and Germany. This offered the youth the opportunity to learn about other nations, their cultural traits, habits and customs.

The exchange focused on several issues, among which the main target of debate was the problem of unemployment in the aforementioned countries. Also, the exchange offered youngsters to gain novice skills in several workshops, as well as enhance any skills they have already had.

The workshops, which were on the exchange’s daily schedule, are as follows:

  • Video Workshop – this workshop enabled the youth to gain skills in making videos,  which would be helpful to them in the future, should they decide to pursue a career that makes use of these skills. During the exchange, three very impressive videos were made, using  a simple video editing software.
  • Music Workshop – the music workshop targeted alternative sources of music, themed “The Sound of Belgrade” . Namely, the members of this workshop worked with raw materials they used as instruments to display a very interesting combination of drums, castanets and voice.
  • Dance Workshop – the dance group, following both the instructions of their highly skilled leader as well as implementing elements from each culture, proved to be one of the most intriguing workshops of all, having the most members. It was also the most flexible workshop, allowing it’smembers to participate in another workshop as well. In collaboration with the music workshop, they put out a great show at the final presentation, a union of sounds, moves and admiration.

  • Circus and Acrobatics Workshop – come one, come all! The circus workshop was admired, if not revered among others, for in very few days all of its members managed to master the juggling, balancing and acrobatics that are the core of any show with this thematic. Not without mistakes, but still remarkable, the circus workshop gave it’s best in the final presentation, resulting in a fantastic presentation of their newfound skill.
  • Arts and Crafts  Workshop – possibly the workshop that had the most fun, Arts and Crafts focused on using materials found around the hostel to fuel their imagination. Using cardboard, plastic bottles and tin cans, this workshop provided some of the instruments for the Music workshop, some very creative gifts for the Secret Friend game, and majestic models of famous monuments from the countries of its participants. Among them were the Big Ben of Britain, the Parthenon of Greece, the Makedonium of Macedonia, the Science and Knowledge Palace in Warsaw, Poland and the Pyramids of Egypt.

A great experience was the Belgrade Outing. The participants had the chance to explore the entire city, enjoy the local cafés and meet with the locals, admire the view of the entire city from the Kalemegdan Fortress, as well as experience night life in Belgrade.

Overall the exchange was a very pleasant and worthwhile experience. New skills, knowledge of new cultures, and new connections are few of the many things the participants gained on this exchange.

Dule Janakiev


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