EVS in Slovenia! Volunteers needed for the reuse project!

Youth organization KNOF from Slovenia is looking some EVS volunteers for their reuse project. The application deadline is tomorrow (!), Monday 24th September! If you’re interested in handicrafts and hand-work workshops, this is something for you! Don’t miss the chance and hurry up!


Contact person: Mojca Metelko
Coordinating organisation: Youth organization KNOF
Host: Youth organization KNOF: http://www.knof.si

Location: Sevnica, Slovenia

Deadline: 24/09/2012
Start: 15/01/2013
End: 15/09/2013

»STARA ŠOLA«, platform for local exchange
Funny prices, serious purposes

Stara šola (Old School) is a place in Boštanj which works like a working cooperative; a group of persons from different backgrounds, age, cultures which have similar interests are working together to keep the project Stara šola alive.

Purpose of the project Stara šola is on the one hand keeping safe the environment, its natural resources and spreading technical handmade knowledge, and on the other hand educating, raising qualifications and employability of socially unprivileged target groups (people over 50. years, young bellow 25 year with unfinished highschool).

Main activity in Stara Šola is a reuse center or a shop of second hand stuff, which people donate, because they do not need them anymore, but they could be useful for somebody else. These things are separated, cleaned or renewed and then sold again in the store for symbolic prices.

In Stara šola people can find:

  • Second hand products in a good shape, with low prices
    Fashion/retro value, useful objects for your home – attractive prices
  • Reused, redesigned clothes or objects, re-made by different amateur or professional clothes designers
    Originality – Alternative offer
  • Local products or handmade creations, with a presentation of handmade process through the weekly handicraft workshops
  • Support to a sustainable and local development
    Support to the small business initiatives
  • Spreading handicraft knowledge

We have a wide support for the project, from our local government and the major to the communal companies, which run the city dump (useful source of interesting objects that just need to be cleaned and put in the store, like furniture, electrical machines, old televisions, radios …).



  • We expect a “feeling for old stuff” and second-hand objects
  • Painting, textile, carpenter or other hand work knowledge is preferred
  • On the project there will work minimum two EVS volunteers, so on the one hand team work ability is preferred and on the other hand we search for people who are independent to do some tasks on their own and have their own ideas

Main roles for volunteers:

  • help with selling products in the store, making interesting shop appearance, promotion of the the project on fairs and other events with a stand, making and distributing promotion materials
  • help with re-creation of old stuff, textile, wood or other material
  • organization of a fashion show of redesigned clothes and other interesting events to promote reuse and the project
  • help in the storage of old stuff, cleaning objects, separating, making inventory
  • help with weekly hand-work workshops
  • help with gathering objects in the city dump, help with the moving services (carrying furniture, dismantling furniture)

If you are wondering how does Stara šola work and what do the volunteers do there, have a lot at their short movie here!

For more information visit KNOF’s website http://www.knof.si
or write to drustvo@knof.si.


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