EVS in Portugal!

Interested in doing EVS in the south of Portugal? This project might be for you! Have a look at the description below and don’t forget that the application deadline is only until 20th September (Thursday)!


Contact person: Armanda Gonçalves
GAIA Alentejo
Location: Aldeia das Amoreiras, Portugal

Deadline: 20/09/2012

Start: 01/03/2013
End: 28/02/2014

GAIA is one of Portugal’s leading environmental associations and is established as an independent environmental NGO. Since 1996, GAIA has been conducting numerous campaigns, on both local and national levels, and has been involved in campaigns operating on European level. We are a youth organization in every respect – young people run GAIA and are responsible for mounting campaigns, as well as the day-to-day tasks of managing the office and finances. Our projects are targeted at young people, who seek to be informed and active about important issues of the environment and society.

GAIA is a member of MARE Mediterranean Youth Network; EYFA European Youth For(est) Action; YEE Youth and Environment Europe; CPADA Confederação Portuguesa de Associações de Defesa do Ambiente and Transition Towns Movement. GAIA focuses on different topics concerning the environment, such as: eco-consumption, food sovereignty, desertification, ecological debt, peace and non-violence or non-GMO.

At Alentejo’s regional office, the Convergence Centre is a project resulting from the campaign against desertification. As a pilot project composed by an international working team of 7 people, we aim to put together different disciplines which supplement and interact between social sciences and the environment, the culture and the art, with the final target of giving dynamism and developing rural areas. Located at Aldeia das Amoreiras since 2006, an isolated rural area of Southern Portugal, the Convergence Centre has been responsible for dynamizing this village, namely by organizing cultural activities, educational workshops, information dissemination and local sustainable development.

To the volunteers we provide an integration in a friendly mood in an horizontal organization, where decisions are taken by consensus. Responsibility is a major necessity that gives the freedom to have a flexible schedule and timetable.


  • Willingness to learn and work with the methodology of Tierra de Niños (Land of the Children) adapted to local community;
  • To support the project Terra das Crianças and its activities in: the public school of São Martinho das Amoreiras, which has about 30 children aged from 3 to 10 years old (the volunteer will have support from Convergence Centre and the the teachers from the public school);
  • The public school of Colos working with the troublemaker teenagers, ages from 14 ton 18 years old. Aldeia das Amoreiras, working with the local children in a collective project as well as in their own homes. Why? We believe that children and youth must be empowered in order to learn and be responsible for taking care of the Earth. We do this by giving them a piece of land and the responsibility to manage it and make of it their dream place.


  • Sensitivity about nature and children;
  • Highly motivated to work with children and teenagers;
  • Environmental consciousness and ecological practices in daily life;
  • Motivation to work and learn tools and different pedagogic models and/or other holistic/sustainable systems;
  • Artistic skills;
  • Ability to learn Portuguese quickly and be able to fully interact with youth after 1 month of living in Portugal;
  • Motivation to work with a rural community and to live in a small village (180 inhabitants);
  • Additionally, we want the volunteers to clean the facilities of the Convergence Centre once a week.


Send your CV with photo and specific motivation letter, in Portuguese, Spanish or English, to armanda.goncalves@gaia.org.pt till
20th September 2012.


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