Urgent! Participants wanted for a training course in Serbia!

, an NGO from Belgrade, is urgently looking for two Macedonian participants for a training course TOPography of IDEAS. The TC starts this Thursday (!) 20th September and will take place in Brzece. If you are interested in taking part in it, read the short description below and contact OSMEH for details!


Dear partners and friends,

Organization OSMEH is organizing a training course TOPography of IDEAS directed at young people who are at the beginning of their carriers and they are willing to acquire new skills and competence in idea mapping and implementing process. The Training Course will take place in the town of Brzece in Serbia, from 20th to 28th of September 2012 and it will involve 30 participants coming from 15 different countries (Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Croatia, Romania, Malta, Albania, Slovenia, Kosovo, Serbia, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia). We want to equip them with new skills such as mapping of idea, which they can implement later on in their post graduated and job searching life period.

Project implementation will certainly involve methods of non-formal education, which include creating a friendly and confident environment in purpose of stimulating learning processes of the participants.

Activities include: working in small groups, power point presentations, simulation activities, role plays, presentations, public speech, project management and creative expression. Project also involves young people with fewer opportunities (the ones with social and economical obstacles) who don’t have opportunities to participate in similar trainings that can help them to improve their possibilities for finding a job. We expect to achieve our goals that are concerning participants abilities to use and implement their ideas, to learn faster and remember more and most of all how to get successful in professions they will do.

Contact Aglaee Dourchoux : aglaee@smileofyouth.org

We hope to see you in Serbia soon.


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