No boundaries, no exclusion – 3rd Chapter

Last week the SPPMD’s team was a part of the Youth in Action program training course “No boundaries, no exclusion – 3rd Chapter” which took place in Niš, Serbia. This training course was organized from 2nd till 9th September by Club for Youth Empowerment 018 and it gathered young people from eight countries – Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Montenegro, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece and Croatia. The aim of the training was to learn about position of marginalized groups and their inclusion through peer education, games and sport.

Our volunteers who were a part of this training course had great experience and came back to Macedonia with enriched knowledge and practice.
Figen, one of our volunteers, shared her experience with us:

Last week was one of the most interesting and beautiful weeks of my life. Before going to Serbia I had some doubts because it would have been my first training. However, when I saw people, namely the participants, doubts disappeared.

The first day we wrote our  fears and expectations about the training. Certainly, we had many expectations like making new friends, having fun and learning about Youth in Action program but I couldn’t find anything to write on the paper for fears. Then
I wrote “NO FEARS”. The surprising part for me was that I saw that most of the participants wrote “NO FEARS” on their papers when I went to the chart to stick my paper. Consequently, we started to learn, to enjoy, to experience and to share things FEARLESSLY.

I attended numerous activities, games, competitions and each of them was very well organized. While playing games and having fun, we learnt a lot about sports, team spirit, fair play, and ultimately about people, society, marginalized groups and their position in society.

I fulfilled my expectations, made great friends, acquired new experiences and turned back incredibly pleased. Now I’m very grateful to the organization team, great participants and my fantastic mentor Goko. I can say that although it has been five days since I came back to Macedonia, those wonderful memories of the training are always with me in my mind and make me feel as if I had a hangover. However I am trying to keep up with what is going on in Kavadarci 🙂

SPPMD would like to thank CYE 018 once again for the great organisation and hospitality.
See you soon 🙂


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