Do EVS in Spain!

Another possibility for EVS in Spain! This time in the gorgeous city of Tortosa in Catalonia. The project is hosted by Punt Jove and will last 5 months. Below you can find its full description.

The deadline for applications is 6.10.2012!


Contact person: Susana Ibañez
Host: Punt Jove:
Location: Tortosa, Spain

Deadline: 06/10/2012
Start: 07/01/2013
End: 07/06/2013

The main aim of Punt Jove is informing and helping young people so that they can choose the best options for their present and their future.It wants to create equal opportunities Each year there are more youngsters that use its services what made the program grow.

The teamwork from Youth Department is consists of two workers. There are a lot of different activities:

  • Information and help with non formal education topics
  • Information and help with topics such as job research, youth tourism, youth renting, european programs, etc
  • Sale of the Youthhostel Card and International Students Card
  • A place for searching information
  • Training and Workshops (visits, talks)
  • Cultural activities
  • Monthly newsletters to inform young people
  • Internet service: four computers with Wifi connection
  • An information board where young people can offer their services, selling, renting offers and share everything that they believe necessary
  • Maintenance of the website of Punt Jove

Also Punt Jove organizes projects and activities:

  • Activities for young people in the nature (walking, espeleology, kayak and cycling)
  • Youth constest Recrearé, to promote video and photo betwenn young artists
    Music: Ebre Musik contest, to promote new bands from the Ebro county and neighbouring region. We organize a final concert with a famous band within the spanish pop rock scene, and the three winner bands from the contest
  • Workshops in informal educational topics during the whole year aimed at youngsters
  • The “Fira de la Solidaridad”, an event with seventeen entities and associations of the territory participating, establishing activities such as storytelling to children, show puppets and live concerts. Conference of the participating organizations, debate on the role of NGO’s and the voluntarism in our society, etc.
  • Organization of the “Youth Christmas”, coordinating forty of the city’s entities. Various activities during more than ten days
  • Future project: Intercultural youth dinamization for youngsters from fourteen to twentyf ive in the districts of Tortosa. Youngsters of the district and youngsters with a immigrant background unite in order to realize informal educational activities and to give an impulse towards integration and a peaceful living together


The main purpose of the volunteers will be the attention to young people. They will give their support in the actions and planned projects for young people in the field of education of the values of coexistence, tolerance and solidarity.The volunteers will offer their support and help in various activities required, but they may also develop their capacity of initiative in the projects that the may develop. On the other hand, according to the demand of young people in the Youth Point, they could launch a project with the help of the youth worker, in order to promote the integration of young immigrants.


Interested volunteers from one of the 27 countries in the Program have to send their CV and cover letter in Spanish to the email:


We will make the selection by Setember.

Selection requires:

Skype interview & Questionaire


Youth information, Youth leisure


Youth and children, Migrants


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